As you know the use of computers and other devices is increasing with the advancement in the modern era. Computers are used to perform many operations in a time which nobody can believe.

You will also notice that it has become the basic tool of our life. We are gradually becoming dependent on it. By seeing all of this the field of computer science is also becoming a trend.

The universities are offering these courses to double the number of students. Almost every college is allowing getting admission to this course.

Many people who also do not have a good background in computers or engineering-related fields are also coming into it. So, most people cannot be able to get a job in computer science.

The companies are hiring a very less number of people and many of the students are neglected by the company. Many people started ignoring this field and started choosing other fields to make a career but students who are currently doing this degree are thinking about it.

All of these happenings give rise to only one thing which is is computer science has become over-saturated? or is a computer science degree worth it? or many more questions like this.

So, let’s dig deeper to explain every point to you. 

Will Computer Science Be Oversaturated?

saturation of computer science explained

The answer is NO, this field is not oversaturated. If anyone is not getting a job in this field then it is his/her mistake because companies are hiring those people who provide value to them.

The members who will take interviews with you will analyze all of your qualities because they are experienced people. If anyone is not getting the job this means that he/she only comes in computer science because of jobs opportunities in this field.

He/she never had an interest in computers. On this basis, if the specific person will say that the market is saturated and there are no jobs in computer science then it would be a very wrong thing.

The truth is that companies need these types of people because companies that are hiring these people are consistently expanding and they need fresh graduates with new skills.

Let’s talk about the jobs of a data scientist or cloud engineer. People having this specialization must get the job in companies because these are trending and new skills that can be beneficial to the company.

Companies do not need old people who are working for them to provide these services because they can only be good at old tasks but freshers who have completed their degrees can give these types of services.

But if the people do not have the skill recommended by the company then why should they hire them. Blaming the field of computer science for not getting a good job is not the right thing. You will also see that many people are being selected and good salaries are offered by the companies to them.

The reason behind it is that the company sees something special in them. Nothing in this world is for free. If a company is giving you money then they are also getting some profit from you.

You are giving profit to them by your work. If they are investing money in you they also wanted something new and different.

This is also a true thing that the supply rate is increasing and people are coming into this field without seeing anything else. In colleges, students are being added and added without any proper guidance.

I will explain to you with the example of a mobile phone, Suppose you are the only person in the family and had only one mobile phone. Slowly your family members started to increase in number when they started to increase you need more mobile phones and when you will buy more mobile phones the usage of the application by the members will be increased.

So, as the population of the world is increasing tech companies need CS people for survival because their work is increasing. You cannot say this field is over-saturated because every year many people are hired by different companies to meet the need of the increasing population.

Do not go far just look at Google. But companies need something interesting that nobody already provided to them. Most of the students who come for interview repeats the same things again and again.

Companies are also hiring self-taught people. These people do not have the degree of CS but they are best in their skill so the specific company hires them instead of degree holders and degree holders who cannot get a job.

The self-taught people are increasing in industries because just like other people they do not come into this field by keeping in view the current demand. If the person is self-taught and has good skills then this means that he/she had a passion for the field he/she is joining.

So, the people holding the degree cannot be able to get the job and they started talking against the field.

There are some areas in this field that become over-saturated. This means that the supply is more and the demand is low and companies are not hiring these people.

These fields are application development or web development or some others can be. But these are also changing with the rise of artificial intelligence. AI is being entered into applications to make its demand more.

Other areas like natural language processing, artificial intelligence, deep learning, big data, and many more. The supply and demand are good but people cannot able to fulfill the requirements of the company.

Always choose the in demand skills and try to get some of the certifications during the study or work. Always stay hungry to learn something new. It will increase your demand

According to the University of California, Irvine previous surveys there will be about 400k students graduating in the year of 2020 and the jobs offering will be 1.4 million. Now you can imagine that how big this field is. This completely shows that the market is not saturated. 

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