Automation is giving everything a new look. It has changed our industries, offices, cities, and many businesses to some extent. The implementation automation in all the fields is new. It will take some years to be fully used in all the fields.

You can take many examples from the society and country you are living in. Everything is using bots, robots, or machines that perform repetitive tasks without humans.

As we are making growth in the technology fields, we will be able to see full automation systems by the year 2025. Most of the part of the big tech companies will be based on machines and software to perform the tasks.

But there is a frequently asked question by many people. The question is that Can Coding Jobs be automated. Well, some experts think that the people with these particular skills will be automated by the machines are robots.

Some people think that coding jobs cannot be replaced by automation. So, by keeping in view both categories of people the answer should be Yes and No.

But that’s not the exact answer. People want an exact answer. So, let me explain why people are saying Yes and why people are saying No. In the end, I will tell you the conclusion that can automation has the potential to replace coding jobs. 

People Saying Yes

People Saying Yes

The people who are saying Yes to the answer to this question are right. Because you can also observe the changing of our fields. Big companies are constantly introducing us to new technologies based on automation and artificial intelligence.

Google was working on making AI chips recently. But when the AI chips were developed it makes the AI software that makes the chips themselves. This software automatically decides the design and size of the chip and then the chip is made.

You can simply say that Artificial intelligence is making artificial intelligence. So, the AI software developed by Google has finished the jobs of many programmers and designers who were already working for making the complete and AI chips.

So, just like that if in the future an AI-based program will be able to make many other programs, algorithms, software, and applications then it will be problems for those who are working in this field already.

So, what will happen if AI-based software will starting creating games according to the interest of users and make the game more attractive. If this will happen many programmers will lose their jobs.

We are already seeing the impact on the environment. But in the future, their impact will be more when the number of machines and software will be increased.

Slowly machines are being implemented in the industries and the jobs of the workers are affected. You can take the example of the Robotic Arm here. When this machine was not made then workers were hired to transfer the things from one place to another.

Now when these robots come into the market the people will start losing their jobs.

According to some people that we use coding for giving the task to the machines because machines only understand binary form but when the robots will be made then with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning we do not have to code. The machines can be able to understand human language.

It will put a bad effect on the jobs of many people related to the field of programming.

People Saying NO

People Saying NO

Now I will explain to you that why people are saying NO.

People are saying NO because in their point of view it will also give many opportunities to different people. Like if Google has made software for making AI chips so how did the software is being managed? There is someone present who is giving the size and shape of the chips and also changes the development model when he sees the fault.

The person must be a programmer or a designer. But can you imagine how big Google is? Google is a very very big company. It will not make single AI chips. It should make thousands of chips per day.

For managing all the things at a massive level programmers are hired. Let me explain it with another example of Google.

There are millions of articles published on the Google search engine every day. Large numbers of blogs are also published per day. But how Google manage so much content?

It manages it with the help of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and different types of bots that perform specific tasks every day. So, if Google can manage all the things with AI so why it is hiring a large number of people every year and giving them money.

This is because the programmers are required for running the algorithms. If this company will not hire people related to coding then their popularity might decreases.

If Tesla self-driving cars have made many drivers jobless then many people have also provided the opportunity the making these cars. Programmers are hired to make the cars perfect working.


There are some jobs in the field of coding that can be replaced by automation. But not all because if we make one machine and that machine can make a second intelligent machine and in this way, multiple intelligent machines are made.

If such type of thing happens it is also not good for humans. The main thing is that artificial intelligence is not at that point in which one machine can make other machines or games are automatically developed by some types of bots or many other things.

Researches are being done on it every day but the answer is that it will affect on the number of jobs in a field related to coding but cannot be fully automated because machine always required a person with specific skills in the field of coding.

For reaching that point where machines do not need any sort of coding and they are making their multiple copies by themselves it will take many years. The answer is that Jobs will be affected but not completely replaced. They may be low in number.

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