You have heard many advantages in selecting the programming field. When a simple person hears about the so many benefits then he set this field the important goal of life. Not only this some people are excited about this field when they use different applications and software and wonder how they are working.

During using these applications a desire pops up that “I will also make application and software in the coming days“. But after going into this field many programmers quit it. Not too many but several people quit their field and try something else.

Now the question that arises is that there is a huge number of people who wanted to go in the big tech companies as the programmers and people are trying hard to get there so why there are some people who were working at a good company leaves their job?

There are many reasons behind it. Let’s discuss all the things in detail.


The first reason that people quit these types of jobs is that they cannot get the environment which they were imagining. Most of us get inspired by seeing coding in movies or discussing it with other people. A person gets happy just writing a few lines of code at home and thinks it’s an enjoyable task.

The person thinks that the same quantity of work will be provided to him in the company. Even during the study, a person cannot analyze the things which will be given to him in practical life. When he entered the company after spending few days he could get the things according to the expectations.

When a person enters into the company suddenly a large work came for him and many people around us do not have the quality of working too much. In this way from the first day of the job, they get disappointed. Working for hours in solving the specific problem at the start is a lot different from writing simple code by sitting at home or while the education period.


The second reason is stress. In tight deadlines sometimes a senior builds pressure on the people working under it. Sometimes these people have to work even when they go home by organizing meetings and solving things.

Many people do not want to live under stress and boss so they decide to leave. You have to do a long meeting with seniors and teammates. The issue is also created when you are doing very accurate work and the next teammate has to start where you finish and that person faces some issue so he destroys the whole code.

This means that your performance is lost and you have to work from start. This is annoying. A senior can call you any time to discuss the whole issue. They can be bugs or making new things in the project and many more.

If an average person will remain in meetings most of the day and he has to work in the remaining time to solve the issue that was raised in meetings then the idea of going to another field came into mind.

Burning Out

Programming is the field in which most of the time you learn something new. A person always learns something new when the unique is created and he has to solve it. When he applies one thing then another after that one more thing he learns something new.

What is the life of a programmer? A programmer gets up early in the morning and goes to the office. After that, he had to spend eight or more eight hours in front of the screen and making unique codes, and attending meetings.

At night these people came home and sleep. The next day the same routine will continue. In this way, people become frustrated by seeing a screen again and again without any outdoor activities.

They lose interest in programming and cannot able to put their minds and body to sit in front of a computer daily and seeing the same interface every day with different problems that are not being solved by trying different things.

Not Having A Good Senior

Some people also leave the job because their team manager or the senior always criticize our the work. Sometimes it also happens that the manager of the team takes the full credit for the work which is done and does not appreciate their team members in front of senior-level people.

With a bad manager, the whole team gets disturbed. If the manager of the project cannot be able to do the work then a portfolio of the whole team is affected which is bad for future progress. Many people quit their jobs for this and join other companies who can treat them well.

Some of them head to other fields just thinking that if they will go to other companies then the same type of people will be provided to them. In this way, some people cannot bale to continue their career.


Some people decide to leave the company after years of experience and because they wanted to have to startup. They knew that they are wasting their skills by working for a specific company. They decide to live their full focus on their work in which they can become a boss, not a person that is working under the boss.

Some of them shifted to online work for earning money more than they want. They also want to make networks all around the world. They can mix their coding skills and other developers’ coding skills to make the product on which they can base their company.

Some people only go to the company just to gaining skills and to know that how things are working and people in different positions have to do the work.

Many people leave their job because other companies offer them more money than the present company. So, they can make a good career path.

These are the reasons that programmers quit. Not all programmers quit their jobs but programmers quit. If you had any questions related to this then you can comment below.

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