Programmers are very interesting people. They are always in search of learning and making something new. They make an entire system and after that find bugs and remove them for the users and the company in which they are working. 

Programmers played an important role in the development of this world. They gave us those things that were only imagination to us. But these people (male) also have some problems in their personal life.

The major problem is that they are single and do not able to find the right life partner that can understand them. Not all the coders are single but most of them are. So, let’s discuss the reason behind it.

Why Programmers Are Single

reasons for why programmers are single

The major reason behind this is they love their work more than anybody else. These people spend most of their time in front of a computer screen for the sake of their work. If someone will call a programmer to meet in the park or any other place then there will be two possible things that a person working in the front of the screen will do. 

The first thing he will not pick up the call because it will distract him from the task and the second thing is after the several missed calls when he picks up one then he will say No to the other person. This makes the relationship weak.

Same in the case of WhatsApp message he will not reply to the other person because he knows that writing a piece of code is better than writing a text to explain each and everything to the people. Mostly he will reply with Yes, No in the answer to the question or he tries to send very minimum words.

But the person sitting on the other side must be expecting something good and a happy reply. It is also the major reason behind the breakups

Programmers had their plans so most of the time they remain busy to make their name and run after their goals. For this, they had to remain cut from society. If the programmer is working in the company then he will try to solve more problems to get the promotion or to learn many new things.

They wanted to become the best in the field of their interest. If a coder has a chance to go with his friend shopping and purchase books or certified courses that will help him to increase his rank and to learn new skills. What will he choose?

He will choose the option of purchasing books and courses and he will consider the shopping waste of money. So, they remain stick to their goals at every point of life. After making this type of decision the other person will surely become angry and it is bad for the relationship

Most of the programmers have a list of the tasks to perform in the day so they never care about any of the other things. Sometimes they get an unexpected problem so for solving that they had to give extra days (day and night). So, they will meet nobody during this. 

They only think about programs, up-gradation, and the application that they are making while eating, drinking, walking, driving, and performing other important tasks of life. So, they do not think or care about anything else.

If you wanted that these people will think about yourself regularly then separate them from programming. Prevent them to sit in front of the computer which is not possible. So, you cannot remove the thinking of programming from a passionate person

They only remember tasks related to their work and forget to do other work. This is also bad for the relationship. In many cases, these types of people also forget to have a haircut, and sometimes they do not take shower for many days.

This thing describes their craze and determination for winning the race in which most of the people are running. They are not like other people. Many people go for outings and enjoy the things that are present in different areas.

These types of people love to sit and work alone. Sitting alone and talking to yourself invent new ideas. They do not like to talk to another person for a long time and this also affects the relationship. 

There are two types of programmers one who are doing the job and one who is self-taught and earning from home. The people who are earning from home are more passionate about it because they know that everything is only dependent on it and if they do not work today then tomorrow will be bad for them.

People at jobs are given some free time on weekends but their work is also very tough. Sometimes due to system errors, they also had to give overtime and also go to the office on weekends.

This is also the specification that when they meet to there related field people they always wanted to gain something new. They will talk about how to make this or what happens when I do that thing or is that thing possible and many other related things.

So, if a girl chooses them having good expectations and feeling about the guy but on the other side, the person will have the expectations and feelings about the field. So, everything becomes opposite and relations do not go far.

But these things are not always true there are some programmers who are so serious about there field and work day and night but some are very good in relationship and keep there work and the personal life in order.

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