We saw different observations made by people after some time. Now the current observations are being made on climate change and decreasing of resources. These observations are mostly made by scientists and we all know that scientists cannot predict anything without the help of technology.

Can you ever imagine that scientists can discover things only by working with the help of hands or only seeing the specific issue or by writing some lines on the paper and making some calculations?

No, because they always need some instrument or machine to get the accurate values and to make the process faster. For example, if global warming is increasing then the scientist cannot be able to analyze that the temperature of the globe is increasing.

They cannot give the final decision just on the concept like “Yesterday was hot and today is hotter so, the temperature is rising and factors can be our daily activities“.

They will analyze the gases removed from different engines with the help of instruments and also analyze industries‘ smoke with the help of the device. They can also analyze the refrigerator’s which are also causing ozone depletion.

In simple words, they are studying technology with the help of technology and predicting that technology is an ever-growing thing. So, when it will increase in future the global warming will increase and we have to find ways which can decrease this global issue with the help of technology.

In simple words “they will analyze technology with the help of technology and also give them ways to find it with technology and other factors like planting trees but technology is important from start to end

Using technology helps to observe things on a bigger level and gives the map of the happenings that cannot be seen or observed by normal humans with accurate results.

Let’s discuss it in detail.

Why is Technology Important for Making Observations?

technology and observation

Many observations about space were made with the help of science. There were many theories about the number of planets and also the structure of planet earth. There were many unknown facts about space but when the technology grows many doubts are clear. We know about the structure of the earth.

We know about how many planets are present in our solar system and what is happening around our planet. So, science only gives us theories about space but technology helps us to investigate and observe things at a bigger level.

Some of them were proven right and some of them were proven wrong. So, without technology you cannot say the thing as the observation, you can say it as the prediction. The most accurate result is obtained after observing things.

In early ages when the unique type of disease was present in the person then with the help of science different things were analyzed and at the end, medicine was given to him. The medicine contains no proper cure but it can control the disease to some extent.

But now everything is observed correctly with the help of different technologies. All parts of the human body are scanned and then medicine is given. If the disease is new to the people then medicine is made and given to the person or group of people having the same issue.

Things happening in the human body was just theories because nobody saw inner working. It is completely observed by the technology. For example, at that time physicians know that there are cells present in the body of the person but they cannot be able to study them on large scale.

These things become possible when different types of microscopes with greater zooming power come across us. Now we can study every characteristic of the cell.

When the airplane was invented everyone was just predicting that if a person had wings like birds then he can fly in the air but having wings like birds was impossible for humans. Different theories take place but in the end, the result was that humans can fly in the air just like birds by having wings made of metal, propellers, and good engines.

So, things were observed with the help of technology. Technology provides scientists with a way to make their words into reality. Like if a scientist says that humans can fly in the air For proving it he needs technology because there is no other option to make the imagination into reality and words into an airplane.

What Do We Need To Develop Science Skills In Students?

The first thing is observation. Observation should be made by studying all the related things that were present in past and are still ongoing or may not be ongoing. Observation should be made with the help of technology to get good results.

Now think what are the factors which change due to the impact of the specific things. Like, the temperature of the earth is rising due to climate change and humans are playing a very big role in this increase.

Also, take different points from other people by giving them the details that what was happening and what is happening. These people should be related to a good background like science and technology.

After that, you have to make the results. After making results discuss them with the team of scientists or the group which is working with you. Write down the key points given by them. If you think that these points are strong then add them to the report otherwise reject them.

How can I improve my science skills?

Doubt on every happening. It will help you to investigate things. Even if you will be wrong on your point but it will help you to increase your knowledge that how things work. Create observing and problem-solving skills in yourself.

Try to solve the big and difficult questions because you will find a lot of difficult problems as a scientist. Always stay connected with the latest technologies and how to use different gadgets for predicting and finding things. It will also be very helpful.

I hope you can understand all the things. If you had any questions related to it then comment below.

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