According to many reports that are published regularly engineering is considered the toughest course in the world. It is also considered more tough then any medical course. 

Some people do not compare both of these fields. According to them, both (medical & engineering) fields have different specifications and different ways of work so they cannot be compared.

But majority people believes it difficult then any other field. There are many reasons behind it. There are many countries all around the world which had high dropout rate in engineering then any other course. This shows the toughness of this course. 

Engineering courses are tough but jobs offered to them are easy compared to some other fields. Engineering harder than medical is frequently asked question on Google.

Why Engineering is Harder than Medicine?

Hard course explained engineering or medical

In engineering, you have to mostly deal with the knowledge of maths and physics but in medical fields, you mostly deal with the knowledge of chemistry and biology to study organisms and to create or select medicines.

It does not mean that the fields are away from these subjects. Knowledge is applied but at a low level. But some courses mix knowledge of both just like biomedical engineering.

Many people hate math and run from the name of this subject but cannot be able to get admission in medical colleges so they come in engineering where they have to learn thousands of formulas all over the course.

People love to do engineering but do not want to study math in it. These types of subjects make engineering tougher.

Engineers need much more ability to think than any person in the medical field because at beginner level or medium level the patient who comes to the doctor had almost the same type of diseases. There will be a little bit different from one another but doctors give them medicines according to the books they have studied.

But an engineer always has a problem in this case. The things that he had studied in 4 years may not come in front of it in industries. Sometimes the problems that come in front of people related to this field are very tough.

This does not mean that the doctors do not have the problemsolving ability they have this ability but engineers have to develop this ability more than any other person to make a career in the industry.

The other point is that people in medical fields do not have to care about the jobs placement because there are many opportunities for them but nowadays fewer jobs are offered to engineers.

If they do not work hard and develop new skills during the study then it will create more problems for them. It is a technical course in which you have to apply different techniques to make the work possible.

But people related to medical fields do not apply techniques they apply the knowledge that they get during the study. They have to memorize the concepts given to them.

Engineering is more confusing than any other field because when you apply one thing by recalling all of your knowledge on the specific object’s working but it will not work. Then you will apply any other way and after that many other ways to make the object working.

But if you are a doctor then can you do that? Can you give one medicine to the patient when it will not work then other and both of these will not work then give other? This is not possible because it will badly affect the health of the person who came to you.

As a person in the medical field, you have to take decisions one time with relax body and mind but engineers cannot do it. His body and mind will never be relaxed because things are not working and it happens in most cases.

Engineers apply scientific methods for solving problems. The scientific method is to experimenting with different things and checking that how the thing that is causing the problem can be removed.

But in medicine, the development of new medicines and the discovery of new diseases are done by totally high-ranked people who had many great contributions in the field. Not all doctors can develop new medicines or discover new diseases but in engineering, it is a must for everybody to create the solution of the problem by different methods or to invent something new.

Engineering knowledge can be used in medical but medical knowledge cannot be used in engineering. Medical knowledge can only be used when we have to build systems like expert systems.

This shows us that how big engineering is. Studying every point of such a big thing will be difficult for the people. The medical field is specified to some branches only. 

Who is the Best Doctor or an Engineer?

Both are best because they are helping the people but the way of their working is different. An engineer is known for his experience. The more he experienced the more he will be paid.

But the doctor is judged from their education. The more specialization the doctor will have the more he will be famous and more people will come to him for the solution of problems related to their body.

You can choose any of you can. But engineers can find success quickly in their career while doctors spend this age studying other different things. If you have any questions related to this then you can comment below.

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