A few years back analog devices were very common among people but now most people are using digital devices and the use of analog devices is decreasing. These devices are only used in industries or some other fields for research purposes.

If you compare the modern daily gadgets like computers and mobile phones with the same devices present 15-20 years ago you can analyze the difference between analog devices work and digital devices work. The present ones are much faster than the devices present in the past.

So, the question arises as that why computers and other devices are using digital signals? There are many reasons behind it.

Digital signals give more accurate data. These signals can be regenerated easily, it is easy to process the data given by these signals because they have only two things ON or OFF (0 or 1) but in the case of analog signals, we can get multiple values which takes time to be processed.

We can send exact information from one place to another with the help of digital signals. Let’s discuss all the things in detail.

Why Digital Signals Are Used In The Computer System?

digital signals

There are two types of watches that we use in our daily life. One is an analog watch and the other is a digital watch. These watches help us to perform our daily tasks on time. In analog watches, the pointer rotates and tells us about the time and in digital watches, the exact values with seconds are shown to us.

You can see the difference here, when the pointer in a watch is between two digits then we cannot identify the value and we imagine the value close to the number. For example, it is daytime and you also know that the current time is 2 am but you do not know that how many minutes have passed when you will look at the watch the pointer will be shown between the 1 and 2 digits.

After seeing the pointer you will imagine that 2 or 3 minutes are have passed or it may also be 4 but there is no exact value. If you will look at the digital watch it will show you the exact time with exact minutes and also show that how many seconds are passed or in which second you are watching time.

Let me explain more about both of the signals. If you are getting the data from an analog signal and processing it suppose the input will be 10.01 or 11.12 then you will get the output of 10 or 11. The little ignored values can disturb the structure of the big dataset.

If you are finding a greater or small value from the data then it can be changed based on a few little factors which mean wrong output and it cannot be resolved by experimenting with it, again and again, you have to change the computers (digital) in case of getting the exact values.

But if you take these values in the digital signal then it will always be 10.01, 11.12. No more no less but just exact values. We always face problems in transferring analog signals to far places. There is no problem if two devices are close to each other.

In the case of traveling in far places, the output may miss something or there may be some character missing from it. This means that if we use these computers for our communication or some other purposes then our message will not exactly send to others.

It can contain some distortion or miss. But digital signals will not create any issue. If the message is sent from a digital device like smartphones or modern computers then there will be no issue with it. If you sent a voice message then all the words will be clear to you in the form of voice.

If you have sent a text message then there will be no error in it. No value of the data will be wrong even if it will be in a very large quantity.

For operating a computer based on analog signals you have to learn it in depth because it is not as simple as digital computers. In modern computers just write a letter and press enter it will be shown on the screen or just press the specific button on the keyboard.

In simple words, you will not get an easy environment while using analog computers. When the analog signals output is displayed on the computer screen or other device then it is in the form of graphs, tables, or voltages which means that you need a deep knowledge of these things.

Data with the help of digital signals is shown in words or numbers which we can understand easily. Digital computers have a large amount of memory compared to other computers and their data cannot be easily lost.

You just need a small device known as a USB to transfer all data or send the data to other people by applications or secure it by uploading it on the cloud.

But computers using analog signals cannot provide these applications or the things to secure a large amount of data. You cannot even send the data with the help of analog computers if any physical problem occurs during sending it.

There is also a chance that all the data will be lost.

I hope you can understand things. If you had any questions related to it then comment below.

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