If you wanted a secure career in the future then you have to just choose the subfields that are derived from computer science and engineering. Because the knowledge is applied in most of the things of the world including the medical field

In the medical field, the new technologies for detecting the disease of patients faster and curing them in little time knowledge of both fields are applied.

So, it shows that everything is running with the contribution of these fields. So, let’s dig deeper into it.

Suppose you are sitting in the room and watching TV without any workload and external sounds. At that time if you will analyze the things then you will realize that most of the things in this real world are based on these two fields.

The biggest application is a TV that you are watching. The clear picture that you are getting is due to the mixing of pixels at the tight time on screen by an engineer. You cannot imagine how many pixels can be used for making a proper display.

Now you suddenly need to send the mail to your senior and now you go to the front of the computer and write mail then send it to the specific person and now you also wanted to tell you via chat. For this, you need a chatting application that is completely secure and your chat cannot be read by others.

For this purpose, you use the Telegram app, signal, or WhatsApp. Now all these things are based on knowledge of computer science.

This shows that most of the thing that is based on these fields. If you do not believe me then saw all the emerging and innovative technologies all the things will be clear to you.

The work is being shifted on the computer. Today we can make more money by internet compare to physical work. This is because awareness of internet and computers work is increasing. 

Why Choose Engineering?

Why Choose Engineering ​

Engineering can be a good choice for you. You can see it from its different applications and also see it when the applications are updated (adding new features to them). Do not go far just look at the clothes that you are wearing.

These clothes are made with the help of textile engineers. You will also notice that every year new stuff came into the market in which you feel more comfortable and some are sold at very cheap prices.

Engineers make these clothes with the help of fiber present in different plants. This is not only one problem that engineers solved. Many problems are solved by them.

If the person comes to this field with passion then there are many opportunities for the future. Engineers are now working at making drone delivery possible, making smart infrastructure possible, making quantum computers possible, or making the robots more efficient for office and homework.

You will also notice that most of the problems that are solved in the real are due to engineering products. If a person cannot sleep in hot weather then the concept of the fan was introduced later on the Air conditioner was introduced to make the life easier and now the current technology that we are using consumes very little electricity and so the bills are also low. These were the problems that were solved by engineers for the comfort of humans.

You can also take the example of the refrigerator. At first, it was introduced because there were more chances of stored food being spoiled. For preventing this product was introduced. After year after year, it is being improved and now refrigerators are advance.

So, let’s end this. Engineers create new technologies or add new features and exciting features to the existing technologies. If a tech-related company will not hire engineers then it will no grow and most of the companies present in the world are related to tech.

The world is running due to engineering methods and problem-solving techniques. There is a limit of time in which people use the same things again and again. After a specific time, they also get bored and demand new things. So, engineers are needed for all these purposes.

Can you imagine that companies like Amazon, IBM, or Tesla can survive without engineers? Amazon is always introducing new machinery to make the process fast.

Companies like Tesla also need them and in the future, these types of companies will increase in numbers and more opportunities for people with a technical background.

Why Computer Science?

Why Computer Science ​

Computer science is also a secure field for the future because most trending fields are directly and indirectly connected to this field. You can check the list of trending fields related to tech on different platforms.

A list of top 10 jobs role by the year 2025 was given by the world economic forum in these top jobs most of the fields were related to computer science and engineering. This shows the future growth of this field.

You are seeing that now we are dealing with digital currencies and they increasing in the form of cryptocurrencies. People all over the world are investing in cryptocurrencies and making a profit from them.

With increase of these digital wallets are also increasing and digital wallets are made by computer scientists. Not only digital wallets you can see the banking systems that are giving fully secure methods of payment are made with the help of computer scientists.

The updates of the operating system (windows or mac) that comes to us weekly or monthly are also made with the help of these people. These updates add new features to our systems.

The knowledge of this field is also applied in the application like Snapchat and the face lock of mobile phones or computers for facial recognition and you are seeing that the number of mobile phones is increasing with the increase in the population.

So, both are good fields to start. If you had any questions related to this then you can comment below. 


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