Most people think that computer science is the field in which we only have to make programs and no other work is included in it. This concept is wrong. Yes, computer science has a high percentage of programming but you have to study hardware components, different theories, and algorithms also.

You can also study designing of the system. CS students also study accounting. Accounting is the study of analyzing and verifying different terms regarding the financial structure of the company. Most of the CEO of the companies have good accounting skills and they manage company transactions easily.

With the help of accounting knowledge, you can become the CEO of the company. If you want to be a computer scientist then you also need accounting knowledge. Not advance but basic knowledge is required in CS.

During studying this subject many people in CS say that this subject is waste of time but when you go into practical life then you will need that knowledge at some point of life because you go as the junior after promotions when you become senior then you also have to manage the big projects.

For managing big projects you also need financial management skills and those skills came from accounting. So, let’s discuss that why computer science students study accounting in detail.

Why Computer Science Students Study Accounting?

computer science and accounting

When your go-to company for working after some years of work company give you senior level position and hand our a big project to you with the limited time. You also know that projects are not made for free.

If you are working on entirely new projects and things that are not present before then you and your team have to make the new products in which large money will be invested. You cannot take money from the company all the time and invest in the project.

It may also happen that different things may fail. The company can also take the report of the things in which you have invested the money.

So, you have to analyze that which thing is working and which thing is not and after that, you have to tell the company so that company will give you money according to it or you can sketch the working and non-working things after that you will only invest on beneficial things.

If you summarize the above example it simply means that “managing price of the projects“. The project can contain both hardware and software. But if a person with the team is given the software which is not present before then accounting knowledge is used to determine the cost and time of the project.

In many software companies, this is a very common problem that companies give a very short time to make the complete project this is also because the client wants it in a short time. When a person completely makes the sketch of things to do and things not to do or which strategy to apply to make the work easier, faster, and accurate.

But when the person completes a plan the deadline comes closer. So, some extra time is required. In many cases, because of weak planning or wrong strategy, the work takes more time than the expected time and also makes more money than expected.

Because people cannot be able to manage money. They invest in those things which are not helpful but after some time they analyze that their direction is not correct. When they change the direction and started to invest in the right direction then time and cost are taken.

But with the knowledge of accounting people can manage the exact cost of the things which can save much of the time.

Startups are also becoming popular these days especially related to software. You can see that every day new services with a unique idea came into the market. People are focusing on software-related services because they can make them more popular with help of the internet compared to hardware products.

People can sell hardware products at the national level if they have to make the company (related to hardware) an international brand then it will take many years to grab a massive audience and also have to face competitors. Here you can take the example of Amazon or Alibaba.

Most of the startups we are seeing are based on Programming. Just like you can take the example of AI writing tools, AI base grammar checkers, AI base plagiarism checkers, and many others. These are made with the help of coders and clear that they are started by people who have some knowledge about these fields.

If you know that what you can do with the help of programming then a unique idea will come into your mind. A person should need the knowledge of accounting to manage a big company. The companies that you are still seeing have reached the point after years of hard work.

This cannot be said that the company reach a high point without applying knowledge of accounting. So, accounting is important for CS students to manage financial issues.

Accounting knowledge is not only for the computer science students many other students who go in industries or many other sectors also need this knowledge especially for those students who want to start a company.

Can You go into Accounting Field After Computer Science? 

There are many fewer people who change their field from computer science to accounting. if someone is getting a good job in CS then he will not prefer other fields. You can also see that computer science is the trend nowadays so the majority will continue in this field.

But the answer is Yes, you can switch the field. But you can face many problems during it. If you want to change the field then one thing is clear that first you come into CS with complete interest and you also worked a lot in it after that you want to change the field this can be difficult for you.

But by short courses, free knowledge on the internet and doing an internship in the company you can learn those skills which are required for getting hired in this field. Become a professional accountant will going to take some years just like it takes you to become a computer scientist or a programmer.

You spend almost four years getting the degree and another one year to understand that how things are working in the industry and how to fit in those things. After entering you will get the promotion which also going to take time. For being an accountant, it depends on you whether it is going to take two years, three or four years.

If you are changing the field by seeing another salary then remember that computer science is also in demand and if you are set in the company and getting a good salary there are many chances that the money will be doubled in coming years due to the digital era.

First set everything for you and then leave the field if you want to. It will help you to settle after leaving the job or field.

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