Computer science is very important nowadays because of the increasing demand of data scientists, developers, algorithms makers, security managers, the increasing demand for smart things, and the demand for cryptocurrencies.

The people who go in this field are highly passionate about computers (hardware & software). They choose their subfield according to them.

But the main point to discuss is that the field of computer science attracts everyone towards it. You can notice it when students with a CS background or seniors people are talking to each other.

The main reason behind it we are surrounded by digital devices and their number is constantly increasing.

When everyone has access to these devices and everything that they use is digital then interest develops in this field.

When people saw working of different software, applications and other things then they also wanted to make the same thing because that thing is attracting them. So, they choose the CS field for making a career.

This does not mean that their demand is decreasing. Companies are hiring a huge number of people like this. I have discussed that how people are being attracted towards this field and decided to go forward in this field.

Now I will tell you that how people love this field when they come in it either the person will be a student or a person having the job in the same field. Both of these things have close relation between them. Most of them who come in this field due to love make many achievements. The great work can only be done by the interest. 

I am only talking about the people who had real passion to do something new and big not about those people who just came because of seeing demand of the field. 

This field make everything interesting to these kind of people. 

Why Computer Science is Interesting?

Computer science is interesting field

There are many reasons behind that when people start from this field and go deeper and deeper because at every point of computer science many new things will evolve. 

Some of the points are explained which makes computer science interesting. 

Making Algorithms is Fun

Making different algorithms for the proper working of Things is very interesting. These algorithms may be for machines in the category of machine learning or entering AI in software, applications, or games. They are also used in making secure systems.

In simple words “Most of the things that we are using in our everyday life with the help of digital devices have algorithm behind it“.

When students in the field of computer science or people working in the same field make algorithms that make them learn new things. They try to make the application more attractive so they spend hours in front of the computer without getting tired.

For example, 

If a small boy has a passion for exploring different things and playing games. When he will play the game he will analyze its working from different angles. He also decided to go into the field of computer science to make his imagination into reality. He will surely make better algorithms and make the user experience better. The level of interest in this field of the student or the person is increased so it makes computer science interesting.

New Startups

The new startups that we are seeing today make the field of computer science more interesting. The companies like Microsoft and Google are introducing many new technologies with the help of it. The startups which are based on CS just like Microsoft have the potential to go high because people are running behind these types of things.

You have also heard about the name of Dropbox.

This is a cloud-based company that gives the services of storing and securing data. This startup is also linked with the field of computer science.

There are many examples of these startups in the world. It makes this field more interesting.

When people will see that most startups are based on CS then they will automatically start going in this field and make more companies like this.

You will also notice that the idea of Microsoft and Dropbox is very unique. These types of things were not present in past. These are only possible due to computer science.

Dealing in Bits (0 & 1)

As you know that the computer can only understands the binary language. For this purpose, you have to learn programming languages. Learning programming languages and looking that how computer converts these into commands is the very interesting thing.

The first thing to know is that the people who have an interest in this field come to it but people who do not have an interest and come in this field will not be able to do good work in it. You will analyze the working of the computer by giving specific code and then also it is working by changing the code.

You do not deal with computers by ordinary language that we speak in daily life. Their languages are different. They only understand the command in programming languages. That’s the reason the programmers do cool things with computers because they know how to communicate with computers.

Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies like quantum computing, blockchain and nanotechnology make CS more interesting. The wallets that are being made with blockchain technology are being made more secure than the previous versions. 

Most of the companies are in race to build faster quantum computers than others. The development of nanotechnology is also in front of you. All of these areas are related to CS. 

All of these technologies are giving some value in our lives. 

Qubits powers are increasing in quantum computers and now people are working on digital wallets that can prevent the attack of quantum computers. Computer scientists are also working on other technologies that can be more innovative. Edge computing is also one of the innovation of computer science. 

If you have any questions related to this then you can comment below. 


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