Programmers are the people who are very good at writing long codes and try to make random things that come into their minds. They have a good writing speed and accuracy. If anyone asks them to explain the specific code in text and send it in the form of an email to the senior then they will do it easily and the next person will find the conversation in the form of text.

But when it comes to real-life most of the programmers are bad at non-digital skills like communication. If you are doing great work and have the skills to represent it then nothing can stop you from making the growth in life.

But most of the people are hard workers and they remain to stick to the work all the time but they cannot be able to represent it so they are unknown by many and it affects their promotion of these people are working in the company. Why does this happen?

This is because programmers have a different world. You can see that they will be physically in front of you but their mind will be the in a different direction and if they will reveal that thing which they will be thinking about to the people sitting in front of them the people will say that the person (programmer) is totally out of mind or he/she is crazy.

The other people will say that he/she is assuming those things which are not possible. But they do not know the thing is impossible in their point of view but the strategy a programmer wanted to apply will work.

You can also observe while talking to these types of people when you speak something that does not exist or is random they go into deep thinking. If you do not speak then they will also not be attentive in the meeting. These people will think about something else.

They will not focus on what the person in the front is saying and at the end they will give a little bit of an answer. Because of this many people stay away from them because programmingrelated people never give their thinking value.

Let’s discuss it in detail.

Why Are Many Programmers Bad at Communication?

reasons for programmers are the bad communicator

The other reason is that because of several years of experience in coding they went to the root of the problem. In making code, many errors occur so they have to analyze the several lines and change their writing style and add something more to them.

If you had made a hundred lines of code then different lines at the different places will be analyzed and changed. When they do this type of work they cannot differentiate between the real world and the things that they made with the help of coding.

So, when a programmer sits with different people first of all he/she (programmer) will never agree on the suggestion which other people are giving. Because this is their habit to go into the depth of everything.

When they will go in-depth then more questions will arise and in this way, the discussion will go long and long. But in the end, the coder will not agree to the point he/she will want that the people will follow his suggestion because as they can solve the problems in applications and software they can also solve them in the real world.

But that never happens all the time. Different people have different natures. so they cannot bear that someone is always giving his/her suggestion and never taking their suggestion seriously. The long talks end at nothing.

One of the reasons is also that these people are straight forward. They speak whatever comes in the mind. They do not care about anything else just like in making codes they do what their brain is saying. At first, they apply one thing if it fails they try another thing. If the second algorithm also fails then they do the third thing.

They try it again and again which makes them committed because while making a project things are coming to their mind and they are using it and seeing the results. Simple people talk to others by analyzing their nature and they explain everything in a manner that person in the front of them can pick the point without having the issue.

But programmers do not do so. In most cases, these people do not like socialization. They only think about their work. So, if a person is always doing their work and never interacting with others then he/she will not know how to deal with people and it will cause problems in the future.

They also do not know which gesture to give at a specific time. When different people talk to each other they have a strong contact between eyes. But a programmer does not have the practice to sit between people so they cannot have eye contact and the real point between the conversation will be lost.

They run from talking to many people that are not related to their field.

This creates a lack of confidence because programmers do not know about the selection of words while talking. These people prevent excessive talk because their hobby is to work alone. They mostly talk to the people related to their field.

Not all programmers have these issues but programmers have them. If you had any questions related to this then you can comment below.

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