You all have heard about the sensors. The sensor is the device that predicts different happenings around us. For example, when you wanted to enter the big shopping mall the door outside through which you enter the store or exit from it automatically opens and close for you. This is because of the sensor.

You will also analyze that when you go to a good and expensive hotel then their showers automatically start giving water when a person or their hands come under them. This is also because of the sensors installed in it. You can also use the sensors for your personal use.

You can detect temperature, rainfall, water level, and many other things with the help of them.

But if we connect the sensor directly to the computer, the computer cannot be able read that what is happening. There is a reason behind it. So, let’s discuss this reason in detail.

Why Are Computers Unable to Read Data From Sensors?

The major reason is that there are two types of signals. One is analog and the other is digital. The analog is known as a continuous signal because they give data in the non-stopping pattern. But digital signals are in the form of 0 and 1 so they are discontinuous.

They will be 0 at some point and 1 at some point. This simply means that their pattern will not be in an ever-growing manner. When the 0 comes it will go down and when 1 will come it will go up. So, when we are seeing several ups and downs then we can say that it is not a regular graph.

Now the problem is that the sensors give the data in the form of analog signals and we are using digital computers today. So, a thing which will be provided to the modern computer will not be performed because they are not understanding the task.

These computers only know the language of 0 and 1. And yes, if you will use an analog computer so it will read your data easily. So, the analog signals given by the sensor are converted into the binary with a converter and then send to the computer, and after that computer performs various operations.

When data is converted into digital and the computer will be able to read it then you can easily determine that what is happening and what thing does a sensor predict. The actual problem with analog signals is that they contain current, temperature, the intensity of light, and many other things like it.

For example, if today we start talking to the computer that “I sensed water outside the house and this water was continuously falling and the temperature of the outside was also decreasing the light started to become dim so I thought that it is rain“. You further also add the values of water, temperature, and decreasing light.

Does the computer understand it easily? Do not use the concept of natural language processing here because I am talking generally to explain to you the full things. So, do not think about natural language processing here.

I am taking the example of your voice because the human voice is also a continuous signal. After saying all this to the computer can a computer understand and process the data in the document form?

No, the computer cannot do it because according to it you are just wasting your time and the machine is performing another task. The data entered in the device is not in a specific pattern that a computer wants. It is not focusing on the things entered in it or when you click the button multiple times for the output an error occurs.

You can explain it easily when an analog computer is in front of you but there is no concept of the analog computer today and if you will use this type of computer today then the world will go far away from you because you are not upgrading yourself and ignore the analog computer now you have a digital computer.

And now you want a converter that can convert your voice or sentences into 0 and 1 form and then connect this device with the computer and ask the same sentence that you ask above and give values of water, temperature, and light.

Now you will start to see some output from the computer because now your sentences are reached to that electronic machine. It will go to the computer somewhat like “100010001010“, “0001000100” or maybe in some other pattern and data is processed. The report will be generated and you can enjoy it now.

I hope that you can understand that why modern computers cannot be able to read the data from the sensors directly.

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