As the demand for computer science is increasing the number of Bootcamps is also increasing. Many institutes are offering courses to give education to the students. But they are becoming expensive with the time.

If we see some years before they were not as much expensive then as they are now. With the demand, their number and their prices are increasing. Every new program is expensive than the past one. There are many reasons for it.

The reasons are that, They take very little time to give you those skills that college will give you in four years which are required for the job. 

Second thing is that owners are seeing it as the opportunity to make money just like colleges did a few years back (when they start getting popular they release different degrees and start to give admission all types of students after that they charge good money from them and this process is also running today, college owners run the institutes as the business).

Third thing is that the teacher itself clear all the questions otherwise some people charge money for giving personal assistance and give you very little time to ask the questions. Some of the queries are not cleared during this questioning session because most of the things came in the mind during practicing.

Let’s discuss all the things in detail.

Why Are Coding Bootcamps so Expensive?

reasons of expensive coding bootcamps

Everybody knows that nowadays companies are also hiring those people who do not have college degrees. Most of them are hired by tech companies in programming-related jobs. When the Bootcamps owners saw that their students are getting good jobs in the companies then they increase their costs.

When more and more people are moving and making their programs the main goal of them is to keep it more expensive than the other people who are already present in the industry. They do not care about enrollments because all of us know that people will pay for them. After all, they want the knowledge. All they need is strong marketing strategies.

In this way more and more Bootcamps become more expensive and also remaining Bootcamps increase their cost when they see that their students are becoming successful. Some Bootcamps were cheap before but when they see the trend they also increase their price.

In the case of free knowledge available on the internet, you can get the knowledge but cannot clear the questions. In the beginning phase, you always need an instructor that will prevent you to fail. Some questions do not have any answers on the internet.

Suppose you watch a video or read a blog that helps you make a specific code but while practicing you notice a small error that is affecting the output of the whole code. Now you search online but there is no solution. The only person who can clear your specific query is that who gives you the knowledge of specific code.

Now you have to go to his YouTube channel or the blog to clear your concepts. When you ask the question in many cases you need to wait for hours. Now there is also a chance that the person may reply to you or may not.

When the person will reply then there is also a chance that you have the second question. But you will never get a reply to the second question because there are hundreds of comments and they have to solve other people’s queries too.

This is also the problem they reply to some and do not reply to others. You may also get on the list of those people who do not get any reply. These Bootcamps keep you on the right track from day 1. They will warn you to keep away from a specific types of things in advance. So, they take a good amount of money.

People also ask that why students are preferring these Bootcamps over the degree. The reason is that there are many jobs present in the industry. In software related industry and also if the company is a giant and increasing its market every year then there are jobs present.

They need people so who will go first will get the job. They need programming skills and some basic skills after that you will be hired. All of these things are developed by Bootcamps so they are expensive. They are giving you direct job level skills without giving them knowledge of subjects which are not needed.

Some of the Bootcamps owners have a good relationship in the industries so they also try to take their students to the upper level and make connections in the market. Some of them do not take money during their learning process they cut some percentage from your salary which directly means that some of them are giving you a guarantee to become more successful from the degree holders.

Most of the companies mostly check your CV, work on the project, certification, and some achievements. They ask you some technical questions during the interview and if you clear that your job will be confirmed.

The interesting point is that in many cases the computer science or software engineering degree holders cannot qualify for the test and they are rejected and at some places, self-learners are managing the team of degree holders.

These are the reason these Bootcamps are expensive.

Is Coding Bootcamps Worth It?

There are many misconceptions about coding Bootcamps. Many people are sharing their opinions on the internet. Some of them are saying that you should join it and some of them are saying that it will be a very bad idea if you enroll in these programs. Everyone has their own opinions after they work in the industry.

Yes, you should go for Bootcamps they are worth it. But you should choose them by analyzing different points. On the stage of selecting the Bootcamps if you take the wrong decision then there is the possibility that you will waste the money and time.

First thing is that not to pay for very expensive Bootcamps you have to choose the programs which you can afford or at the end of failure not most of the money is wasted. Before joining you should have to check the success stories of the organization.

If there are less number of successful students and a large number of failures then there is no choice for you in it. The other thing you can do is to take suggestions from the person who is hired based on Bootcamps knowledge or from the person who enrolls him in different courses.

You can also talk to the person in the industry who takes interviews and hire people. Take knowledge from him that which type of people you are hiring or what skills you need. After that check, if the Bootcamps are offering the same skills related to programming.

But in my opinion, a medium-level program which does not have a high fee will be best for you because most of the things you can learn for free but in case of some errors or problems you need it. Focus more on the practice. Your skills will get you to a good job, not the certificates.

I hope you can understand the things. If you had any questions related to it then comment below.

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