Which situation Demonstrates an example of Augmented Reality

Which situation Demonstrates an example of Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a mixture of the real and virtual worlds. You can create any object in the real world with the help of gadgets. It plays a very important role in immersive technology

The big companies are investing large amounts in this technology.

Due to the large investment and interest of companies this technology is growing constantly. But people are confused between different types of immersive technologies. They do not know what augmented reality is?

They should be given an example from daily life that can clear their concept about this technology. So, the question arises, which situation demonstrates an example of augmented reality?

We have to take the answer from our daily life so people can understand easily. The answer is Snapchat Filters, Google Glass, News channels, Facebook features, and many more.

Most of us are using Snapchat on our mobile phones. This application contains different filters that add objects to your image.

For example, if you are taking a selfie, some specific filters will add a cat’s look to your image. Some filters will make your hair red, and some will add glasses, or masks to your image. This is augmented reality.

When we open the camera and take our face in front of it, different objects start to fix with our face in the application. The objects are virtual but our face is physical and present in the real world. Both these are mixed so this situation demonstrates an example of augmented reality.

If we see some other examples that exist around us then you will see Google Glass also. It is in the shape of glasses made by Google.

It can present most of the things in front of your eyes virtually. We are standing in a real environment but the glass is showing virtual applications and we can interact with these applications. It is also a situation that demonstrates an example of augmented reality.

News channels are using augmented reality, especially in weather forecasting. They show images of clouds, thunder, water, and many more. These images are created virtually in front of us. 

We are using many other applications in our daily life that use augmented reality. Let’s discuss things in detail.

Which situation demonstrates an example of augmented reality?

example of Augmented reality

AR is also used in education, construction, interior decorating applications, and other things. In education, it is used for topic explanation. If a teacher is discussing the human body, he can make a virtual image of the human body, and he can explain everything in a good way. 

It is better than the image presented on paper. You can zoom any part and can show muscles, and it’s working. It is better for students for future activities. This situation demonstrates an example of augmented reality. 

In construction, it is playing an important role. We can make a complete infrastructure in front of us virtually to check what will fit the original structure after completion and how people will think about it.

With gestures of the hand, we can make different things. It is good because sometimes people do not know what the structure will look like after completion. 

Through images, the structure cannot be fully cleared. AR technology helps us to give the real look at the specific environment. We can make an image virtually and can ask people to give feedback on the structure. We can improve the structure according to people’s advice.

The people who work for home decorations are using this technology. We can check which color will suit one wall of the house and which color will suit the other wall of the house. 

They will check the color of every door and ceiling. After adjusting everything, they recommend it to the owner of the house. They maintain matchings of everything in our house. If things don’t look cool, they are fixed. 

This is why some houses look attractive. It is all happening because of VR technology. In the future, we will get and observe more applications. We are using it in gaming to create virtual objects in the real world.

Many things will be put in front of us after making different observations. I hope you are getting the point. 

What is a characteristic of augmented reality it overlays digital content on the user’s real world view?

Augmented reality uses different sensors, high-power projectors, and a high-power system to develop a digital character in front of us. Nowadays, AI is being implanted in this technology to show the digital object according to the user. 

The projector that creates an image is very powerful and needs constant power because a user can be present in front of it or a faraway place. The farther a projector has to display the image it will be more efficient because it is so easy to create an image in front of it instead of far places. 

The projector is not like the thing we use in our classrooms, offices, or during presentations. It is the more advanced form with many new features connected with the computer because you have to instruct with a computer or maybe in future you can give instruction with other different sources. 

The digital objects that are created today will never be as good or efficient. But with time, the quality will improve. In the coming years, we will see that characters created through augmented reality are the same as the characters that we see on our screens (games, movies, or any other content).

If people will use augmented reality for entertainment purposes, they will wish to make their favorite cartoon character or movie character reality and talk to them. 

Nowadays, this technology is not available to everyone. The reason is its supply is short because of so many issues and demand is not high because people want the problems to be solved, and they can get a good level of entertainment from AR technology. 

I hope that the above explanations can clear your different points. If you have any questions related to it, comment below.  

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