A search engine is a software program that gives different types of information on the same thing that people are searching for. For example, Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When you search anything on these search engine then various result with various information comes in front of us.

Not only knowledge if you want any service then it is also available on these type on engines. At present, Google is considered the number one search engine in the world because Google search engine has a market share of more than 90%.

This company is beating other companies in terms of user experience. You can also notice that if you give a person a mobile phone where there is no concept of this search engine and other search engines like Bing or Yahoo are present in the mobile.

Most of the users will write Google on Bing or Yahoo and then go to that search engine for the sake of information. This is because users love Google in providing information to them.

But now the question arises that which search engine in the world displays the result faster? Many people will say Google and many will say Bing because Bing comes after Google. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Which Search Engine Seemed To Display The Result Fastest?

Google is considered the fastest search engine by the majority of people because it can show billion of results of the relevant keywords in a very less time. Most of the results are shown to us in less than a second.

You can also see it when you search some keywords on this search engine and below the search bar, you will see the performance of the search. For example, you search about what is artificial intelligence and you will see many results in around 0.8 seconds.

These are very fast results. But some people consider Bing in case of showing results faster to the user but showing results faster and a little bit slower is the second first thing is that is the search engine is showing relevant results to the people.

Are people satisfied with the results? There are many searches and all of them show some results but if the user is asking about artificial intelligence and the search engine is getting it wrong and showing the result things that are not made by humans because these are also known as artificial things.

After an hour of searching when a user cannot be able to find the same thing then the problem for the search engine will start because people will start to leave that particular engine. Yes, lag in the results is also the bad thing but not showing relevant results is the worst thing.

In this way Google is best, it uses smart search to show us the results. Google has both good speed and good relevant answers to the query and these two things are the need of the user. After every day, week, month, and year this search engine makes many updates in its algorithms to fetch the users relevant data.

You will also notice that if you are searching for that thing that is not present in the ranking keywords of the website but when you open the ranking website then you will see that the answer to the question is present.

How Google analyzes that the question you are searching for is present on the specific website. This simply shows that Google smart search understands that what people are writing on the websites. The algorithm knows what is meaning of all the sentences and how relevant they are to the searching queries.

In the recent update, this search engine will change the titles of the posts according to the content. It will check the different titles and then finalize what fits the content according to the things written in it. This simply means that Google is so advanced that it is understanding all the things and giving the attractive title on its own.

This type of accuracy and advance algorithms is not present in the other search engines. You have also to see the meta description under the ranking keywords in the search. Now, this meta description is also decided by this search engine on its own.

If you are uploading images that contain data then they will also rank well because it can understand all the things discussed in the form of images. You will never find any spam pages in this search because the algorithm removes them and prevent the user from it.

It also shows the user that the specific site is not secure.

All of these things mean that if you are searching for the result of what is artificial intelligence on Google then you will get answers about artificial intelligence not about artificial things.

You will see around 3-4 top results explain artificial intelligence after that you will see the terms like applications of artificial intelligence and after you may see that how to become AI engineer, what are the average salary of AI engineer and many keywords like that.

You can be able to get A-Z knowledge of the specific term but in other search engines, these things never happen. You will never get step after step things and yes you will also find the results of machine learning and deep learning because Google knows that these are the subset of AI.

So, you can say that Google is best in showing faster, accurate, relevant, related results to the user than any other search engine. If you had any questions related to this then you can comment below.

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