It is the study of very small things. Things like an atom, electrons, or protons. It deals with the study of the composition of matter.

It can also be used to compose the matter into a new form. We can give a new form to the object by using nanotechnology.

1 Nanometer is about 1 billionth size of the meter. Now you can understand the concept of nanotechnology.

The newspaper has about 100,000 nanometers. Humans can change the composition of matter with the help of this technology.

We can make extremely new things by using this kind of technology but that does not exist yet. It is being used in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and engineering.

It can help us to make new drugs, new devices related to electronics, and power-saving methods.

It does not exist yet. But attempts are being made to complete this. It may be possible in the next 50-100 years.

Let me explain to you the concept of nanotechnology by giving a very simple example. For example, In the Iron Man movie, the concept of nanotechnology is used.

When the hero in the movie presses the specific button then different atoms mix and form a specific suit. That’s exactly the concept of nanotechnology. You can make extremely new things by changing the composition of matter.

In simple words, we can manipulate matter. If we will able to achieve that level then it will be very beneficial to us. We can make new things by the old things. 

Applications of Nanotechnology

There are many applications of nanotechnology. We are using nanotechnology at very minor level because this technology is under processing. 

Applications are explained below. 

Applications of nanotechnology


Nanotechnology can be used in storing a large amount of data. Data storage is also a major problem nowadays. With the help of this technology, we can solve this problem because at first, the hard drive for the computer was very big and it cannot store a large amount of data.

It was very expensive at first but with the passage of time its size was decreased and memory was increased and now we can save many gigabytes of data in a small USB.

If nanotechnology will be discovered in the future then humans will be able to store a large amount of data in very small devices.


Nanotechnology can be very helpful in healthcare because there are many diseases that cannot be cured. By using this type of technology humans will be able to find new drugs and can treat these diseases.

In healthcare, it can be also used to treat cancer by finishing the cancer cells in the body. When we insert particles based on nanotechnology in the human body, these particles only target the cancer cells, and in this way cancer and other many diseases can be cured.

Power Generation

With the help of this technology new ways of power generation can be introduced. We can generate the new means of power by manipulating the atoms in matter. This can help us to solve our maximum problems.

Because it cannot cause the deficiency of minerals. With the existing minerals, we can be able to make new minerals that can provide us maximum power. It can make new sources of power generation. 

Electronics ​

In electronics, it can help us in making new devices. It can be helpful to us in making bulbs or other devices that can consume less power and give us more output. For example, if a bulb is made with nanotechnology then it will consume less power and give us more light.

Not only bulbs, but we can also be able to make other electrical applications that will give us more output in very low consumption of energy. We can develop batteries that can be helpful to us for long power usage.

We can also produce more powerful processors that can make our computer faster. Many other devices like this can be made by the help of this technology. 


It can be used in the military to make many new sensors and devices that can detect the motion of others. It can also be used to prepare armor like Iron Man that can be used by troops for security purposes. If it will be possible than power of army can be increased many times.

With the help of nanotechnology, the country can be made secure and the rate of crimes can also deceased. Crime can be detected instantly due to cameras made by this technology.


It can be used in textiles to make new clothes with long-lasting fiber. These clothes can be cheap and we can use these clothes life long. We do not have to worry about their washing. The new revolution can be brought in the field of textile.

The customers will be always provided quality clothes. Clothes made with the help of this technology will not catch dust this means that they remain clean for a long time. These clothes will be made in different designs that can attract the customer. 

Nanotechnology is being used in these fields at a very minor level. It is not completely discovered yet. In the future, this technology will be mostly used.

This is the use of nanotechnology today but at very minor level. May be in future this technology will replace other technologies. If you have any questions related to this you can comment below.

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