Many jobs were considered very good paying and high skills jobs in previous times but as you know that everything is not compulsory. Different things are made to change. There is much difference between previous years and the going years.

Many times you hear that “records are made to break” and the same thing is applied in the digitalization that “technology is made to change or to upgrade“. You can also see that the things which were considered very odd 10 years before like internet-related business and now the online market is giving the push in the economy of the country.

Few years before people were considering it a low-skilled job that does not have any potential in the future. But now the internet related jobs are becoming high skill and the field with a lot of potential and offline jobs are being considered as the low- level jobs without having a good future.

There is also a list of jobs that were considered as high-skill jobs in the past years but now they are becoming low-skill. Let’s discuss these fields.

Offline Teaching 

A few years back students in educational institutes started to increase. This was because people having degrees were most preferable than other person and these types of people also get good salary packages.

The second reason was that people who were studying or completed studies were given respect in the society and the countries also tried to increase their literacy rate. Different new fields were introduced by the institutions so students see those fields as interesting and they start enrolling in the field.

When the number of students was increasing and more people were heading towards educational institutes then institutes also needed professionals of the subject. They started to hire people with many years of experience at that time.

They will also payed well according to their conditions because they are the need of institutes. No doubt, teaching is a respectful profession but nowadays this trend change. Offline education is decreasing and online education is increasing.

People teaching online are making more money than offline. They just teach the students by sitting at home and get paid by the institution. If the teacher is not available online then he cannot earn that much money.

You can also see the teachers are selling their courses on Coursera or Udemy and earning thousands of dollars each month. So, online teaching is becoming a good and high-paying job with skills and the teachers who cannot teach online or do not have as much knowledge of the internet are stuck at the fixed income.

Books & Newspaper Sellers

You can see around you most of the people love to read the newspaper and many love to read books on different things. A few years back when people started to go towards the educational field and wanted to learn something new and implement the learnings in different things.

They started to purchase different types of books and read them. When they finish they purchase second after completing that they purchase the third. Same in the case of Newspaper. A few years back you can say that newspaper was like food to many people.

Some of them start the day by reading a newspaper. Because they wanted to stay connected to the affairs at that time. In those days companies printing these books and newspaper were in great profit. It was considered a very good field especially newspaper makers and sellers. People make companies on it.

But now they are going into loss. If you take your example, whenever you need a book you will open it on mobile anywhere at any time without taking it with you. In the case of newspapers, it is also going online. Some old people still love to read it offline but companies’ revenue is going down and down.

Now we have access to YouTube and online blogs which provide us information so we do not want any other thing to get information and also we like to read online newspapers.

Post Officers 

Before the revolution of the internet and in the starting of internet post officer was considered a good and paying job at that time because people always need to send messages to other person sitting in another city or country.

They send their messages to relatives and friends in form of emails and the next procedure is performed by the post office management. There were many branches of the post offices in many cities and countries and still they are present. So, the letter was sent to the specific branch and after that, they were given to the address.

But now electronic mails are very common. People can send and receive information online without waiting for days or months. So, post officers jobs are also considered a low skilled jobs. The trend of traditional mails has decreased many times only digital mails are being used.

Customer Service Jobs 

As the companies are increasing and they are giving more services to the people. But people always find some type of problem in using the service. Companies also need people to respond to the users quickly.

A few years back companies were hiring people and giving them good money in it because the number of users was increasing but it was increasing the cost of the company. They were paying more to the people to satisfy the user and to show the user that their customer support is available 24/7.

But now the trend has change companies do not hire many people to give their users support. Most of the problems of people are solved by the blogs and YouTube channels of the company and some are solved by the chatbots and the remaining are solved by the people hired for the specific purpose


Everybody knows that the job of workers is affected because of technology but the worker is a low-skill job. I am talking about the workers who have some technical knowledge and can run machines in industries at the basic or intermediate level.

Now the machines that are coming into the market do not want that type of skill. They need programmers or people related to the engineering field. The normal worker can find difficulty during operating them.

In the past years, things were working differently and now things are working in more different ways. Nowadays mostly machinery used in industries is automated so they do not need these types of people. These machines need people of higher skillset. In this way technical workers that were working in mostly textile-related industries


The transportation business was also considered very profitable a few years before and it is still a good business but the trend of things change. A few years before, there was an office in an area that gives transportation-related services.

The owner of that type of business in those times could make maximum money. But now people can book different things online and the services like Uber also provide transport from one place to another.

Nowadays people can also book their plane ticket by sitting at home. Now all the system is shifted online. If you wanted to go anywhere download the app and select the destination. The vehicle will come in front of your house and you can go anywhere you want.

Documents Readers 

Few years before the people who can read the documents were very popular because during writing many mistakes were made by the writers and these types of people read that document and corrects the mistakes present in them. These mistakes can contain grammar, punctuation, and style of expressing something.

But now you can see many software came into the market who are reducing the demand of these type of people. Not only these people who were hiring writers for writing short posts like 100 words also reducing the hiring of writers. Because they are using it by AI software.

AI writing software cannot give the quality results which the writer is giving but people are mostly using them for the short post which can also contain 50 words or 30 words.

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