Technological advances in the field of education are in front of us. Some institutes have adopted those methods and some are taking time to advance their level of education by different things. You can see that students from the institutes where tech education is given can do more digital tasks than a student from the normal institute which is not developed yet.

But related to the use of technology in the field of education, people are confused at two terms which are “educational technology” and “technology in education“. Now let’s clear the doubt of people.

Educational technology can be defined as the digitally created things which a student learns to use. There are many things like gadgets, computers, different machinery, and software that a student learns in institutes. Sometimes institutes use technology to give the knowledge of technology.

For example, if there is a class of 50 students and they are sitting in front of the computer to learn its working. It will be difficult for the teacher to teach them the task individually then the teacher will use a projector and explain all the things to the students.

Technology in education means that the things which make our education easier. It can contain emerging technologies and also upgrading the existing technologies. For example, when you have some difficulty during the lecture you can clear it easily from YouTube or Google. Both of these are technologies that are helping us.

Let’s discuss it in detail.

What is the Main Difference Between Educational Technology and Technology in Education?

Educational Technology and Technology in Education

Suppose you are a student of medicine or engineering. You must have to perform lab work every semester or year. What will you learn in labs? You learn about operating machines, measuring currents or other things, using gadgets in engineering. In medical along with different experiments related to the field you also learn how to use different gadgets or technology to find the exact problem.

Same in the case of computer science, you learn things with the help of technology. This thing states that in many fields we always learn to perform tasks with the help of gadgets but these gadgets are not used by us before. So, we learn them and use them to solve our problems.

This is educational technology.

On the other hand, we are improving our different systems to make education better. Different resources that are present online only for giving education to the students are constantly updating. They want to give those things which a student are looking for. If the students do not find value from the course uploaded on the platform then it is removed.

Things like virtual reality can be used in institutes to give the students a real look and they can study the topic easily. With the help of an application like Google Translate students from one country can interact with the students present in other countries.

The use of Google and YouTube is already discussed above. Changing things from hard to electronic form is also a major achievement which makes use of laptops and mobile common. Nowadays there is no high restriction from the usage of mobile phones or laptops in the institutes.

The reason is teachers do not have the book in the hard form now and students also carry them on their devices so the environment of teaching and learning can be made easily. These are not only the limitations.

Many systems or things are being tested or under the developing phase. After focusing on industries and businesses now focus on people in education. The reason is that if the educational institutes will grow and give quality education to the students then businesses and industries have major benefits.

They will hire students with a good technological understanding and after that, they can compete with giants. This is also the reason our physical learning is becoming electronic learning. Students are taught exact skills that will be their need in the future and after practice, they will be able to work in the industry or for the business with good pay.

Offering good pay, skills, or secure job in very early stage where students cannot expect to do the job is very good for the country. It will help in lifting the country’s economy. There will be some students present who will leave the job after 5-7 years and make their startup so in all directions it is helpful.

This is technology in education. 

Why do we have to use Technology in Education?

First thing is that students face many difficulties in handling books and purchasing them. A course contains many books which have thousands of pages of data. By using technology we can reduce the cost and decrease the load by managing things.

You can find the book on the internet without any cost but in some cases, you have to pay for it. There is also no problem with it. One student of the class can buy it and share it with the whole class or maybe the teacher itself can provide the book to the class.

The institution can also provide it to you. So, if you want to read something then you can get access to it by paying very little money or no money. If you are worried that people have to purchase new devices for only educational purposes then understand one thing.

In purchasing a book again and again in the year you will spend a large amount of money but if you will buy a digital device then it will be a one-time investment and the device can be used for years.

By using technology we can develop those skills that are the basic needs of companies nowadays.

Other things like the use of projectors, technologies like AI, Augmented reality, and many others increase student understandings. The teacher should also tell the student how to use Google or YouTube for research purposes and the sake of learning.

Computers and other gadgets in the institution can help the students to engage with them at a very early age. For this, we have to use technology in education.

How Does Technology help Teachers?

It helps the teacher in different ways. Teachers do not have to write everything on the board they can explain it by animations or by creating a digital image of the working process with the help of modern technologies. If the teacher is absent then there is no problem.

He can record the lecture from home and send it to the administration and the managers can display it in the front of the class with the help of projectors. Teachers do not have to take the bundle of books with them in every class. They just need a laptop and after going into the class connect the projector to the laptop.

The Internet has made their research work easier. They can search for anything they want and share their research with the students. They can always remain in touch with the students in case of any issue. They are connected all the time only because of technology.

Teachers can take help from another professional with the help of emails and also show them their research in the field. They can make connections.

I hope you can understand things. If you had any questions related to it then comment below.

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