What is Language?

The words which are used to transfer your thinking point of view to other person or some other thing and next person or thing will understand it. The thing can be a machine.

You can say language as the mode of communication. Languages play a very important role in the modern world. There are many natural languages present in the world through which humans can easily communicate with each other.

In every part of the world, you need to know the specific language. Most of the countries have their languages according to their culture.

But there are two types of languages present in the world. One is natural languages that are spoken by human to interact with other human and other are artificially prepared languages that are used to talk with machines.

You can interact with machines with the help of these artificially prepared languages. These artificially prepared languages that are used to talk with computers are known as programming languages.

Now let me explain natural and the programming language in detail.

Natural Language and Programming Language

Natural Language and Programming Language

Natural language is used by humans to give and perform tasks. One person can clear other’s question because of the common language. Humans can take work from animals with the help of this.

If you are reading this article and getting an understanding of the topic then this is written in natural language.

Programming languages are also built by humans. The reason for the creation of these languages was that many years ago humans were tired of performing most of the work manually. It was very time-consuming.

Then they make computers for faster calculations and much other work but after that, they cannot be able to give tasks to the computer. The computer cannot be able to understand human language because it deals with binary numbers to perform the operations.

All the humans were not aware of binary numbers because every letter in the world has a binary value and this binary value contains many digit numbers. So, programming languages were made to make the work simple.

In simple words, you can talk to the person by natural language but if you wanted to talk to the computer it cannot understand your language and you cannot understand its language.

So, for talking to the computer you have to know programming languages. With the help of programming languages when you give the computer the task it will do it immediately.

The point is that if a person wanted to interact with a computer he/she wanted programming language. But if a machine interacts with another machine it does not need programming words because both are dealing with binary and can easily transfer the concept between one another.

So, how are these languages are different from each other? There are many points regarding this. I will explain all to you.

Difference Between Natural Language and Programming Language


The natural language that you are using every day can easily be understood by humans but for a computer, these words are very very difficult. Same in case programming wordings are very simple for the computer but difficult for you.

Programming languages were made for the giving computer understanding that what humans want or what humans want to say?. So, they are not the same because one is specialized for machines and the other is specialized for humans.

Interference in other things makes it difficult.


For computers, human words are very complex and for humans, computer words are very complex. For example, if you want to print the function of Hello World what will you say to another person. 

You will say that I want to print Hello World. It’s very easy for you but a very difficult task for a computer to decode every single element and then generate the output. 

But when the computer wants to do it then only print and Hello World is required nothing else.

Human wording is more complex than the computer wording because we have to explain everything to another person for some work but in computer language, these explanation lies in one or two words.

If you go to the printer shop’s for some work you have to explain all the things to it but in case of the computer just give two or three lines of code the task will be performed.

Grammar & Sentences

These languages are also different from one another in the case of grammar. Programming wording does not follow any of the grammar rules. This concept is only in humans. 

If anyone wanted to implement grammar in programming then the code will not work because the computer is not understanding that what a person is saying.

Programming sentences are not dependent on grammar only humans’ sentences are dependent on it.

In the case of sentences, it is the only concept of natural languages. In programming languages, there is no concept of sentences. Because all the information is covered by few words. If you will write a big code in one line to make it a sentence then it will not work.


The syntax of programs that we give to the computer is very difficult for humans because computer words are written in that character that seems like an Alien language to us.

It contains different words which have no meanings. Most of the words used in these languages are meaningless. But when you give your words in front of the computer it will also treat it as the Alien words.

For example in Java,

class HelloWorld {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Hello, World!"); 

Can you are understanding the upper wording with the help of your mother language? I am sure your answer will be NO. But if you ask the computer the same question it will ask that it is so simple and computer will start giving output.

There is no specific meaning of the public static void in our world but computers have the meaning. 

Word Meanings

In the natural wordings, one word may have several meanings. Mostly they have two but sometimes they have many more meanings. It means if you are not comfortable with one word then you can use the other and make the sentence efficient.

But in the case of programming, every word has a fixed function. You cannot be able to replace it. If you will replace it the output that you want will never come in front of you. There is also a chance that the computer will give you an error.

In programming every word is specific. No word can replace another word.

Mathematical Operations

The programming contain mathematical operations and different algorithms. But in natural interaction, we do not require any mathematical operations to talk with one another.

The natural wording is simple because we do not have to make different algorithms for talking to each other. But in the case of computers, they are simple. The computer can easily understand the algorithms.

If you have any questions related to this you can comment below. 

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