Poverty is a growing problem in many countries. Most developing countries are facing this problem because they have fewer resources. One of the biggest reasons behind poverty is unemployment.

Unemployment can take the progress of the country down. The other thing about poverty is that people are talented and they wanted to do many new things but they do not have enough resources to build something new and help the country to grow.

If people can build something new it is also good for others because many jobs will be created and the rate of unemployment will be down.

So, the question arises of what can be done to reduce the poverty ratio. You can decrease the rate with the help of technology because people having technical knowledge are earning a good amount of money and also helping the country to grow.

Let’s discuss it in detail.

What is an Innovation for Ending Poverty that is Currently Under-utilized?

innovations to reduce poverty

The only innovation to reduce poverty is to give the knowledge of emerging technologies to all the young people. This cannot be done by launching three or four years degree programs. This can be done with the help of short courses and institutes for these courses should be made in every city and village.

The reason for not launching the many year courses is that some people cannot be able to pay the fees and short courses also help the people to get the job and earn money faster. These types of people should be taught a very small amount of books related to theory and a large number of things related to practical and the government should give them certificates after completing the course.

These certificates should be verified by the government of the country and the government should contact different industries and companies in the country to hire these people. After working for some time the people will be experienced and they can lift their income up. This cannot be done without any planning of the government.

Some people do not know the use of digital things than before enrolling these people into the different courses they should be given digital literacy. This can help them to learn the future things much faster and easier.

If a person is enrolled in programming then he should know the interaction of hardware and software and what are binary digits and how computers process the data and many other things like it.

The skills will include writing, game development, web development, mobile and desktop application development, graphic designing, video editing, search engine optimization, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, python programming, technical fields, and many other choices.

A step by step training should be given to the people and also give them the future planning that how to go further in there career. For example, If an institute is giving education for one year then after completing the education student performance should be tracked with the help of online portals for the next 18 months.

If they are doing the online work then every month they should be given a new task to complete. In this way with the help of the teacherstudent will be able to make a full-time income after 1.5 years. They should be given the new dashboard of their work after completing the course and this dashboard will be refreshed every month to enter the new data.

For example, if a person has enrolled in graphic designing and now he is certified by the government as a designer but now he should be added to a group and on the portal and his first-month task will be to find a local client and work for it or make some designs for the organization.

After that in the second month, he will also work with some local clients and in the third month, he will make the Fiverr or other freelance platforms profile. In this way, with proper guidance, he will go up and up.

In the case of technical fields like Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science the government should talk to companies to provide seats to these people. Now if a person wanted to start a business or to open a company on a very new concept then he will be provided support by the government of the country.

And when the company becomes famous and successful then the money taken from the government should be returned or the government will decide to take it back or not. It depends upon the situation of the country.

But the person will not be given the money when he demands it. He should complete the complete procedure given by the government. This procedure may include what type of company will you try to open or what type of problem of the country you wanted to solve and after that, a team of professionals will analyze all the things before giving the money.

After that, the money should be given in the form of parts. The first part in six months and after that next plan will start. The team should also give them the suggestion that how to make the company more successful. In this way the company will become big and more people will be hired. In this way, people also find jobs.

One other thing to discuss is that there should be no limit of age for enrolling in these types of courses. Because a person should be a life-long learner. This can help the country to grow and people will find many opportunities every day.

Career counseling lectures should be part of these courses. If you had any questions related to this then you can comment below. 

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