The World the changing very fast. We are seeing changes in technology on the regular basis. If we do not change ourselves with the world we will fail to gain success in life. 

We will out of competition. So, it is time to learn new skills. If we do not learn new skills maybe in the future we will be jobless. Because industries, offices, and businesses are adopting new ways. The machinery is being changed rapidly. 

The old traditional machines will be no longer used. It will replace with machinery which can perform work faster and efficiently. 

Most of the fields are using artificial intelligence technology. If you will learn AI today it will prove beneficial to you in the future. Many people wanted to learn artificial intelligence but they do not know how much time it will take and what things it requires. 

Now I will explain to you that how much time is required to learn AI and how you can learn it if you are a complete beginner. 

How Much Time is Required to learn Artificial Intelligence?

Time to learn AI

If you wanted to go in AI then first research about it that which category will be best for you. There are many fields derived from artificial intelligence. Some of them are machine learning, data science, neural networks, deep learning and computer vision. 

Many other fields are derived from it. So, research about all the fields. If a person does not research about the field then in the future he will face problems related to this. Because the field that he chooses does not attract him.

There are high chances that the person will give up in the future because of not choosing a good field.

If you are going to do something great it will take time because great things always take time to complete. If you are already studying computer science you do not have to worry. 

You can choose a specialization in artificial intelligence but after graduation, it will take you 1-1.5 years for gaining experience and knowing about the field. 

But if you do not have a computer science or engineering degree and want to get certification in AI then it will take 2-2.5 years in self-learning for gaining full knowledge of the field. 

But if you are an extreme beginner and want to learn AI on your own then follow the following steps. 

Learn Relevant Programming Languages

Learn Relevant Programming Languages ​

You have to learn relevant programming languages according to the field. Because most of the work is done by the programming languages. With the help of these languages, you can give instructions to various devices. 

Mostly programming languages like Java, C, C++, Python, and Ruby are used. But the most famous language which is used in the AI-related field is Python. Python has a great number of benefits if you wanted to go into tech fields. 

Purchase AI Course

Purchase AI Course ​

Purchase an AI course from a good platform and always purchase that course that will give you certification. It can help you in building your portfolio

Platforms like Udemy and Coursera are the best platforms to learn to emerge about emerging technologies because the data are given there are by professionals who have experience of many years in the field. 

Try to follow the course and remember one thing self-learning pays the best reward at the end. Learning something new always depends on yourself. If you have a passion for learning something then you can do it. 

You can also learn something for free but at the beginner level on the internet. Everything depends upon your practice. If you are learning something and practicing it then it will be helpful to you. You can derive many things from the free courses also. You just need hard work and practice. 

Find a Mentor

Try to contact people who are already in the field because the professional will guide you more than some other person. Having a mentor is very important. A mentor can guide you in every tough situation of life. 

Mentor has more experience than you. You can get step-by-step knowledge from a mentor. In this way chances of your success increases. He will guide you about every up and down of your career and also suggest the things to manage these problems. So, a mentor is important. 

Read Books of AI

Read Books

Read books according to your field. It will increase your creativity. Reading books is the food for our brain. It will change the thinking of your brain and it plays a major role in success

It will help you to know the people’s achievements and your mindset expands. The importance of reading books cannot be neglected because every successful person reads books. 

Making Algorithms on Your Own

When you learn about a model and making its algorithms. After trying that try to make such commands on your own. Try to make something new that will look interesting

It will help you in brainstorming and in the future, it will increase your problem-solving ability. It is very helpful to you in the future in many aspects. Just take a simple example about it. 

For example, In the course, the expert has made a snake game. You have made same like it. In this game, the snake eats balls. 

But now you have to do something new. You will add rabbits in the game instead of balls by changing the code by yourself.

This is called self-development and you need this for gaining success in the field.

Try to Work For Experience

At the start do not work for money, work for gaining experience. Work for free because it will be very helpful in the future. Because most of the companies need experienced people. Learning is the most important thing in it. 

Forget about money if you want to start your career. Focus on learning things. 

So, at the start go for an internship it will be good for your future opportunities.

If you have any question related to this topic you can comment below. 

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