Privacy Policy

Who we are?

We are curious engineering students who want to show their findings in front of the world. Most of the topics in the tech world need short and accurate answers with explanations of different things like past, present, and future. You will find it all at Believe that 😊.

How to Comment?

If you want to leave a comment for any specific query, first make sure that the question is valid and follows all standards. Do not put spam comments because they will never be lived. Every comment will be checked, approved, and replied to.

We will come back to you after reviewing your way of question.


If you want to share our media (images or videos) on your platforms, you have to show our website as a source. It should be visible to the people watching or consuming your content. Sharing is caring!

Some pages use the media without showing the actual creator. It means people will not get credit for their work.

If we share someone’s other work (images or videos) for your proper understanding, we will always share the source of another median. It is like the appreciation of others’ work. I hope you are getting the point.

What rights you have over your data?

We have only rights when you share something with us. For contacting, you share your email and name. That’s it…Nothing more and nothing less. It’s your will to share more data but you are never bound. Only your email address can help you to contact us.

Where we send your data

We do not send you data anywhere. It is among us and analyzed for proper answering you. I hope you will enjoy it.