Many companies in the world are using artificial intelligence to be upgraded according to the modern era. All the companies are in the race and every company wanted to win the race. 

The tech giants are running in this kind of race. This is the reason we saw new products with new functionality every day.

Many big companies are using artificial intelligence on a very large scale. Because for getting the maximum output of the work from a little work. Companies are also hiring a large number of AI engineers. 

So, let’s talk about the companies that are using artificial intelligence.

List of Companies using Artificial Intelligence


Google Company

Google is one of the biggest tech giants in the world. You may have used Google Search. There are billions of searches made on Google every month. Millions of new users visit Google every month. 

Google knows Everything!

Google’s monthly revenue is more than the monthly budget of many countries combined. Now you can imagine how big it is.

It is using artificial intelligence on a large scale. In its offices, AI engineers are working on many new projects. Projects like neural networks, machine learning, and many others are being performed in its headquarters. 

But the applications of it, that we use in our daily life are also based on AI. So, let’s start with Google search which uses AI at a large scale. This search engine always focuses on giving quality and best results to the user. 

It always recommends the best results on the web. It also tracks the user by its style of writing and recommends different things to it that can attract the user attraction. 

Google’s voice assistant known as Duplex that we are using on daily basis also based on AI. It works with machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to understand and take action on human commands. 

It has also launched Virtual personal assistants for managing the tasks of homes. There are many other applications like YouTube, Maps, and Lens that is using AI. 


Tesla Company

The next most discussed company in the world which using artificial intelligence is Tesla. You can consider Tesla as the number one company in the automotive industry

It is the company of Elon’s Musk and it is making self-driving cars. This company changed the whole automotive industry. Many big car manufacturing companies fall due to it. 

It has brought innovation among us. The other interesting fact about Tesla motors is that these cars are fully electric. These cars move with the help of chargeable batteries with any petroleum products. 

This company is using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other many technologies that can help the car in moving. 

These technologies are also very helpful to detect very far objects that can come in the way of the car. Looking at Tesla many big companies started investing large money to make this kind of car. 


Facebook is also a very big company that is using AI technology for improving the user experience. In all social media applications, Facebook has a large number of monthly users. 

Facebook is using AI to give a recommendation of videos according to the user interest and it also uses natural language processing to understand the content published every day. 

 If any of the posts will violate the rules they will be deleted by this company. A few years back this company was working on artificial intelligence robots but the project was shut down when they started talking to each other. 

These robots started talking in another language that cannot be understandable by anyone. 

It is using AI in detecting the faces of the images published on it. A simple example of it is when you wanted to upload the photo with someone else who already has a profile on Facebook it will suggest the name of the person in the image for tagging. 


IBM is one the oldest tech company in the world. It has a great contribution to the technical world. It has made many computers and with time, it upgraded it. 

This company is famous due to computers because it made many innovations in computing. Now this company is working on quantum computers.

It is using AI in robotics and other machinery for making new kinds of machines. It has made many AI-based applications and systems to manage and control data. They also perform many other operations. 


Apple Company

You may also hear about Apple company. iPhone is made by this company which is the famous mobile phone around the world. People love to buy mobile phones from Apple company. 

Like Google Duplex this company is using an assistant for mobile phones named Siri. This bot acts the same as a personal assistant. Apple company is also known for its face recognition systems. 

It uses AI in face recognition systems. You have also heard that this company never compromises the privacy of customers. So, it uses artificial intelligence to make its users fully secure. The system of Apple is very secure system of the world. This means that if you are an Apple user you do not have to worry about data. 


Uber Company

Uber is an American tech company that has the largest transportation & delivery network in the country and its branches are opened in many other countries. This company offers the services like transportation. 

It also gives the services of transporting things from one place to another. This service is also used to deliver food to home. This company is using AI for managing orders, giving the right task to the right driver, and preventing scams. 


Amazon is the world’s biggest store for online shopping. It has branches all over the world. You can purchase anything online and this service is available in many companies. 

When you go on Amazon’s site you will notice that the product that is recommended to you is according to your interest. This is because of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

When the person comes to this online store to buy one thing then many related things are recommended. In this way, users buy several things.


Microsoft is one of the leading tech companies in the world. Most of the computers that we use in our daily life contain Microsoft’s operating system. 

Microsoft also uses artificial intelligence in different ways. It has made a virtual personal assistant known as Cortana which is based on AI.

It is also working on many projects that are based on AI. In the future, we will see more products based on this technology released by Microsoft.

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