The person who is in engineering, programming, and other professional field has to be creative otherwise he cannot perform well in the field. The creative word has so many meanings. It is mostly connected with the artist.

Artists are connected to art. Art expresses the feelings and thoughts that a specific person wanted to tell you. Many people around us think that art means expressing some kind of drawing or pictures.

If this is true that only the picture is connected to the art then why do some people ask the sentence “the art of doing work” or “see the art of the person performing work“. There are no pictures in performing work. These sentences mean that a person is performing the work with a unique strategy and working style is better than others.

If you see everything around us is art. The universe itself is art. If you go into the space you will see those things which you have not seen before. Everything looks so amazing and scary also. If you want to become a painter or artists the first thing you have to develop is the skill of imagining and seeing something effectively.

Otherwise, you cannot look at things that other artists are looking so you cannot draw things. Anyway, this is a separate topic. What I wanted to explain is that if you are thinking only paintings are known as art then you are on the wrong route. If you take it this way the airplanes are also art, machines are also art if you look at them deeply.

There is a very common question among people that are coding an art or not? The answer is Yes, it is art. People consider paintings as art and second thing is that people consider a very creative and unique thing as art. Both of them are satisfied with programming.

During development, a programmer has to make themes, layouts, designs and also have to sit with designers to guide them on how to make something and also follow the unique principles to make the unique project. When you play games or use the software the creativity of the programmer is clear to you. So, it is art. 

If you take some other things then you can see that making lines of code is also an art as shown in the given diagram.

colorful lines of code
Colorful Lines of Code

Lets discuss it in details.

Why Coding is an Art? 

A programmer always connects things as the artist does in making a picture. You can see that if one point in the picture will not make any contact with the other point then the whole picture looks very odd.

The companies logo also attracts us because they follow a pattern. Same in programming you have to choose lines to run it in order. For example, you are making the website design with the help of coding and you want to have the website name on the top with a specific color.

After that, you need a Menu in which HomeCategories, and Privacy Policy options will be given. On the side of the Menu, you try to give the Search box through which you can search different articles. Then you want to add something on the sidebar and in the center, the articles will be shown at the end the comment section will be shown.

If you look at the things you are making art with your creativity and giving very unique things with the help of programming. Menu, Home, Categories, and things like Privacy Policy was the frontend now if you look at the backend you will see the code is connecting everything and written in order.

If you want to insert something in the code then you can put it without disturbing the structure of the code. So, in the backend and frontend, everything is art. Not only this when games, applications, and software are produced they are also the art of the person.

Now people want very unique things in their software so when they hire a programmer and ask him to do the work which is not already present so he will use his creative skills and make the complete plan to turn the imagination into reality.

Expressing the things that were not present before is art. Imagine if Google had not upgraded its algorithms at that time when technology was revolving then today it will not give the tile of the tech giant. This is because the new programming languages and new skills people are always present.

Just like when a painting is sold for millions of dollars then another artist wants to make a more unique picture and sell it more than the past picture price. Coding is also used in movies to create some special effects and to change the shapes of creatures that are also art.

Can I be a Programmer and an Artist?

Yes, you can become a good programmer if you are an artist. The reason is that this type of person already has creativity which he mostly shows in the form of paintings and if you go into designing fields like website design, theme making, frontend management, and many more then you can perform extra well.

The skill you need to create is mathematical problem solving which can help you to make the code easier. If you want to work on your own then tasks like game development and game designing can be performed at the same time.

You can develop your applications and also make the theme which shows to the users and the logo by yourself. By becoming an artist and a programmer at the same time you can make your website and can sell your paintings and services online.

Everybody knows that the good design of anything attracts users. With both skills, you can build a huge and good network online.

You can also see that digital art is becoming popular with time. So, it will an opportunity for you if you are the programmer and the artist.

How can an Art student learn to code?

The first thing you have to do is to clear the concept of math. It can be done with the help of books. Read and solve the problems present in the books of children Then gradually upgrade your level. Select the field in which that will connect to art like web designing and many more.

Choose the easy programming language with easy syntax just like Python. Learn some basics and when you come to the intermediate level you have to do the same thing that you do while making the art.

For example, when you want to make art, first you will think about what to make, then how to make it, how will it better than other person code, what will be the steps of the code and also what message or experience it is giving to the person present in the front of it.

Then start to make the program. In this way, you can make the better things compare to already present things. Just practice the things.

I hope you understand all the discussion. If you had any questions related to it then you can comment below.

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