How Thinking Process Are Shaped by Social Media

How Thinking Process Are Shaped by Social Media

The platform through which we can share information and opinions with the people present worldwide is known as social media. Nowadays, popular social media applications are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

They also play a significant role in entertainment. This entertainment can be in memes, pictures, or videos, but the information is also present. Many communities contain professionals sharing their knowledge and opinions on social media.

The use of social media is constantly increasing. According to the reportsbillions of users worldwide use different social media platforms, and these users are growing every year.

These platforms are shaping our process of thinking. When you talk to these people, you will analyze that they had more knowledge than usual because they stay connected to all the technological or other news.

These platforms have many other impacts on our thinking, and let’s discuss them in detail.

How Thinking Processes Are Shaped By Social Media

Social media and thinking process

When a person is using these platforms and sees that another person is sharing a success story and earning thousands of dollars every month, it motivates them. They want to reach that position after people start following that person to know about the field and work.

In this way, the person will not waste time in other activities, completely changing his way of thinking. It also gives hope to many because there are some businesses in which people are working hard for a long time, but they do not know whether they are putting the work in the right direction.

For example, I do not know about freelancing and digital skills, but I see the use of social media. One day I was scrolling on Facebook and consuming the content shared by other people, but suddenly a post came in front of me where a person is a graphic designer and has shared the screenshot of Fiverr earning, which was $500.

It was fascinating that a person sitting at home and earning money was charming. After that, I researched it and found that people also shared proof of $1000 and $2000. It was very motivating because if another person can do it, I can also do it.

I started to research to learn how it is done then I knew that we want a skill. In this way, I learned a craft, started representing on different platforms and earned money. A social media application changed me from a simple person to a worried person about his career (Just for explaining you).

These platforms are also helpful in decreasing the level of stress and anxiety. For example, you go to the office every day and a the end of the day, you come back home tired because of the load given by your senior.

Now you are free; when you open social media and see many memes or funny videos, it will refresh your mind and get the new energy to work. In-office work, when you open one of these platforms, you suddenly see the news that will blow your mind, and after the break, you can work better because that news gives you new energy.

Social media platforms keep us upgraded with the world, and they give us knowledge of what will happen after a few years and what is currently happening. If you are thinking about your career, upgrading is significant. Remember when Google was nothing, and Yahoo was the leading search engine in the industry.

At that time, Yahoo rejects Google for becoming a part of it. Now you can see the position of Google and Yahoo. Google is everyone’s favorite, and it is because Google upgrades itself with time.

Through the help of these platforms, you can connect to the world. When different people give you the knowledge of other things, you will always learn something new. If you have any problems and have joined the related groups, post a question.

In significantly less time, your problem will be solved. You can also chat with a specific person for the details. When you talk to new people, your communication skills will be improved, and your thinking will be changed.

Networking is vital in life. With the help of these platforms, people can make networks or communities worldwide. For example, I know about search engine optimization, and I make the group on Facebook related to it.

The people who will join this group indeed have an interest in it. When they ask the question, I will answer them, and when I ask the question, other people will answer me. In this way, knowledge will be improved and also the thinking process.

Their people searching for SEO experts will also visit the group and hire the person who attracts them. Social media is changing our way of thinking by allowing us to learn new skills, keep us upgraded with technology, and communicate to the people present in the world to know what they are thinking about different things.

There are also some harmful effects of social media. Some of them are that people cannot complete their sleep and use these applications late at night, and people waste much time scrolling for the sake of entertainment.

In this time, they can do many other productive things. There are two ways to the people, especially students. They can either use it for their benefits like learning skills and marketing, or they can waste their time on other things.

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