How programming languages makes money

How Programming Languages Make Money

There are hundreds of programming languages present in the world. Some big companies are working to introduce easier ways to code so, they are developing more efficient programming languages.

Every language is made for a specific niche. Some niches are high in competition and some are low in competition. There are very less chances that the newly made language will be successful in a highly competitive niche.

Because all the things were already been covered by the giants present in the industry.

But if you can cover the things which are not covered by the giants already present in the industry then the chances of the language popularity increases many times.

For example, if you will make the language in the competition of Python and Java you cannot succeed in it because these languages are already the choice of many.

Making a programming language is not an easy task. It is not the work of a single person. Many professional developers are hired for this purpose. Many high-ranked professors are also hired for this purpose.

Making a programming language

Students from specific universities are also involved in it. Big companies pay these people a good amount of money. If a company is hiring programmers and paying them money then it means the language that will be made by them is the earning source for the company.

But that’s a wrong concept. Companies that create programming languages never earn money from the language that they have created. Some languages are open source and some source code is kept private.

You will also see that you can use the programming languages without any problem. There are many other ways that these creators of the languages make money.

Mostly these languages are created to help the people by giving them easier ways. Every new language is better than the previous one.

Now let me discuss that how these companies make money with help of programming languages.



If the programming language is helping people and become very popular then the company ask for donations. It is not a bad thing because the company is giving you so many resources so they deserve something that can be helpful to update the language.

The companies also have to pay the programmers present for making the programming language better. So, they earn money from this. People all around the world contribute to them.

There are billions of people present in the world. If one-fourth of the people will contribute only $1 then the company will earn large money.

One of the famous programming languages Java is connected to billions of devices. So, you can imagine that how much these companies earn only by donations worldwide.

Selling License

Companies who created programming languages also make money by selling a license to other companies. The reason is that other companies will not be able to use the code or to make the same language without the permission of the creator company.

If they make the same language as the company that has created it before then it will be copyrighted. For this purpose, companies buy the license to use their code or making language with the same functionalities.

Sometimes the creator gives the source code and sometimes they allow copyrighted material. But creators are paid a good amount of money for this.

Selling Compilers

The most difficult part in making a programming language is to make a proper working compiler that can give exact values to the computer without creating an error.

The function of the compiler is to convert the words that are given in the form of programming by humans to binary numbers that can be understandable by the computer for giving accurate output.

If the language is already performing well in the market then many other companies buy the compiler to make their work easy because the compiler cannot be made with by one person only. Many people ate required for this.

Selling Frameworks

The creators of programming languages also make money by selling the frameworks. With the help of Framework, new software is made. The framework contains pre-defined classes and functions that make the work easy and provide an easy environment for the software developers.

Companies purchase the framework because the creators who have made good and popular language have also made a good framework that can be very beneficial to other companies.

Companies make good amount of money from Frameworks

Selling Libraries

These creators also make money by selling different libraries. Some libraries are already present in the language but some of them are made to make complex coding easier.

By using specific libraries people do not have to code in hundreds of lines. There are companies present that sell libraries and make money through them. People can also make their libraries but that’s a lengthy process.

Libraries can reduce much of our efforts. If you are interested in it then you can also make money by selling libraries.

Selling IDE’s

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. It is mostly used for making applications or software. It gives many advantages to one platform.

It can give you the option of the editor and the environment is provided to you that will help debug. A most famous example of IDE is NetBeans that is becoming popular day by day.

IDE can give you a compiler and interpreter too. So, companies earn money by selling their IDE’s.

In this way, working programmers are paid well and language is updated with time. If you have any questions related to this you can comment below.

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