Technology changed different things around us. Books become e-books, mails become e-mails, outdoor games become e-games and paper writing becomes digital writing. There are many other things which have changed.

Technology advancements are powering automation and innovation too. Different fields and work processes are advancing and using new methods. One of them is data gathering techniques. You have also analyzed that before some years many people were wandering in public places and giving a paper to the people or ask a question about different things.

After that, they take the paper with them to keep the record and to make the final calculations.

Now everybody knows that billions of people are using the internet so just go online create a poll or some type of survey to collect the information or collects emails of different people and ask them the question that you want to ask. You can simply create Google Forms and share the link on a different platform in this way you can gather a large amount of data.

Let’s discuss it in detail.

How has the Advancement in Technology Helped Data Gathering?

data gathering with the help of internet

Nowadays everyone is using some type of platform. Some like Google search, some like YouTube, some like Facebook, some like Reddit, some like Telegram, some like WhatsApp, and some like Twitter.

Different services are holding different types of people or the same type of people. All of these platforms make data gathering very easy. On Twitter, you can create polls. In the poll, thousands of people can vote and the interesting thing is that after the polls end you do not have to calculate all the data.

Twitter itself will tell you that how many people vote and how many percentages of people are selecting the specific option. Imagine a company with millions of followers launched a new product but after launching it they cannot realize that how many people are satisfied and how many people are not satisfied.

They create a poll with three options are you satisfied with the productnot satisfied with the product or need some improvements. When 24 hours will be completed then the result will be in front of everyone. It will show us the percentage of people reviews. After that, the company can make a new poll if most of the percentage is on “not satisfied” or “need some improvements“.

In a new poll, they can ask a question about improvements and reasons for not loving the product. But if a service like Twitter was not made or the internet was not invented then these companies have to hire people who will go in front of every mall and ask people different questions with the help of papers.

In the end, it can increase the cost and the big problem is managing a huge amount of data in very small units (one paper) will be very difficult for the company.

Now we have WhatsApp service, if you wanted to collect some data from your circle then now you do not have to go to their house just make a simple form on Google and put it on status. The people present in your contacts will go to the form and answer it at the end all the data will be in front of you.

You can analyze that during scrolling the website newsletter opens in front of you which will ask you to give the email address to subscribe them. After entering the email now they can be able to send you different things. They can also take reviews just by directly sending you a message or they can also sell you their products.

They can also take your feedback on different things. If you use any service online then after completing it they ask for feedback. This thing is also very common in WhatsApp. When we call anybody and discuss different things with another person when the end of the call WhatsApp automatically asks for the experience.

If most of the people will not rate the voice experience good then the company will look and improve their things. There are many applications that we download from app stores and during their work, they ask us to rate them according to the experience and also write the things in which we are having problems.

The company will review the things and give you the updated version in there next. In the case of YouTube, the company gathers the data all the time. You can analyze it by searching the channel and watching two or three videos of it.

On the next day, YouTube will recommend the video and the table will be given to you at the end. In which different options like informative, entertaining, good and many will be given. You have to mark the option which suits the video.

Sometimes it is not shown to a person when he searches the channel and watches some videos. YouTube can also check your interest by recommending you this type of video. On Facebook, you can target the same type of people whom you want to sell things because Facebook already knows that in which region you are present.

The people have to target the people and pay money to the company for promoting their brands. You can also analyze that while scrolling on this social media application the product or service came in front of us.

Sometimes we also think that why the sponsored post came in front of us while we do not like any page and the interesting thing is the thing shown in the post will match our interest or related to our region. This is because the company has all your data.

In this way, data is gathered with the help of technology and the big advancement is the internet and big giants.

How has the Advancement in Technology Helped in Business Research?

Fields like data science and new improved tools are very helpful for researching. Modern technology is very helpful to analyze the trend of the market. Just like when WhatsApp change the privacy policy terms then there was a large number of people who oppose this decision.

Many people saw it as an opportunity and different applications were made and updated. There were some marketers who saw that people were searching for this term and they make the video. In this way, they get millions of views.

Many people wrote articles and they market them by showing ads on them. So, with the help of the internet things becomes very easy for us. We can see that what is trending so that we can put our energy into it. The remaining data can be provided by tools or data scientists.

I hope you can understand things. If you had any questions related to it then you can comment below.

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