Like space, our oceans are also very mysterious. There is a huge part of the ocean that is still unknown to humans. There is around 5% of the ocean is explored and charted by us. You will also see in the news that sometimes very strange marine animals are seen at the beach.

This simply means that many creatures are living in the depth of the oceans that are still unknown to humans. Today Blue Whale is considered the largest marine animal, this largest animal is according to the discovered part of the ocean.

There may be some animals present in the depth of oceans that will be many times bigger than the blue whale. The problem is being faced because as we go deep in the sea the pressure of water will start to increase to a level come where a human cannot bear the pressure.

Another reason is that while going deeper in the sea the light from the sun started to disappear because all the light is taken by the upper part and it cannot reach the depths of the ocean. If humans go there in dark then this will be dangerous because they will not able to know which creature is in the back and which creature is in front.

Now the question that arises is that how the exploration of the oceans increases the understanding of the scientists about marine life and depths of the ocean and how it influenced the technology.

So. let’s discuss it in detail.

How Has Ocean Exploration Increased Scientific Understanding And Influenced Technology?

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When scientists find that there is some type of unique creatures present in the ocean and sometimes they come to the surface then they started to study the ocean. While studying they find some more species and they research on found species like how these things live in water.

What do they eat and are there some marine animals similar to them? When they found the other species then they are completely different from the first one. This thing increased their understanding that the ocean is not as limited as humans think.

In the oceans, there are not only those marine animals that are present on the upper part and we eat. After all of this scientists want technology to explore more in the surface of oceans. But there was a problem at that time the technology was not so advance that it can explore the depth of the ocean so it need to be upgraded.

In this way, finding unique marine organisms increased scientists’ understanding and technology up-gradation becomes their need so they upgraded it.

Now we are using technology like SONAR. Before diving into the water the scientists or divers needed to know that what type of things are present down in the water or how much is the depth of the water.

The sound waves are used to navigate things. In this way after seeing the safe area divers dive into the water. But there is also one problem here. A human cannot be able to go in more depth because of lack of light and constantly increasing pressure.

For this autonomous underwater vehicles are used. The instruction is given to these types of robots in the form of programming and they are sent to the depth after a certain time they are pulled back to the ship. The collected data is observed by the specialist.

In this way, different parts are being explored without putting human lives in danger. There are also machines in which humans can sit and explore the depths they are known as Submersibles. In these diving machines, a group of scientists can sit and go to different parts.

Other things like the vehicles that can be controlled with the help of remote and scientists can see what they are seeing in their cameras. In simple words, you can control them by sitting on the ship just like you control the toy cars with the help of a remote. Just add one thing in front of a toy car and that is high definition camera which also has the night vision mode.

Now you can control and see from anywhere that where the car is going. Same in the case of this technology. Ships are also being upgraded because they have to lift very heavy material for the sake of the mission.

Now the ships can also carry heavy machinery and also contains multiple features like the ropes, cables, navigating system, and also a complete system that can control the water vehicle after launching it.

With the help of good screens fitted, you can see the things that the water vehicles are seeing. But there is still a large part of the oceans to be explored. Maybe for that, we need more good technology that is more efficient than it.

There is a point after that we cannot even see our hands in ocean water. The most lower part the full of darkness. Human is not able to go there because we do not have such technology yet. You cannot go there with the present lights because these lights are nothing in the front of that darkness.

These lights are just like a dot that you see when the electricity is gone and all the bulbs are shut down. Just imagine the depth of the sea.

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