How Hard is Signals and Systems

How Hard is Signals and Systems

Signals and systems are very important courses in some of the engineering programs. Engineering students do not only study one subject related to it, but they are offered many subjects, and difficulty levels increase after every semester.

The next course is more difficult than the previous one.

The issue is that one subject is the prerequisite of the other. If you cannot perform well in one subject, the course will be affected.

These courses are offered because there are many applications in practical life. If students do not study these courses, they will not perform well for jobs or other practical life problems.

They are used in speech recognition, image processing, audio coding, and video coding. You can see that we receive many signals from space every day, and these signals are decoded to see what is happening in outer space.

Human beings cannot understand the sounds received from space, and different operations are applied to them to make them easier to understand.

So, you also cannot neglect the importance of this course. Let’s discuss it in detail.

How Hard are Signals and Systems?

signal and systems

Signal and system is a difficult course and also cause the failure of students. The simple answer is that it is as tough as getting an F grade in an exam, and there are also chances that if you improve the course and gain, you cannot get a good grade.

It is because of its different concepts, and you need different techniques to solve the questions of this course. We study probability, convolution, time signals, discrete and continuous-time signals, and many complex formulas are applied to solve them. Knowledge of limits and graphs are also applied in it.

You also need to know MATLAB for making graphs and analyzing different signals. The Fourier series and z transforms are also applied, with different methods and tough formulas.

In our electrical engineering class, about 20% of students failed the course, and they could not register for the subject in the next semester. Some students earned C and D grades in it, which cleared the toughness of the course.

In this course, if you have one example and apply the specific condition to solve the problem, then the different conditions will be applied in the next example. So, you cannot do it by only learning them.

When the question comes into the exam, many conditions will mix in your mind, and you will not be able to analyze the answer of the question, and your question will be wrong.

The major reason is that students only learn theory. Theory cannot explain everything to us, just like electric circuits subject. This subject describes the current stars from the circuit and where it ends. Different sources are also analyzed, which are applied to complete the circuit.

The experiments with power, resistance, and voltage sources are done in these courses. So, this course needs a lot of practical things. Many universities offer electric circuit labs for a better understanding of the subject. It is also an important thing because only learning some formulas without knowing anything will not be helpful to you.

Same in the case of signal and systems, most universities offer no practical work. Students only learn things they do not able to perform the things. So, they cannot be able to develop that level of thinking.

The student should be taught practically how the signal is passing and which formula will be applied under the specific condition and applying the formula to find the specific value. This thing can make everything easy for students.

The other thing that causes the failure of students is not practicing or learning all the conditions. Who will give a specific table in the book that will tell you that you can apply the formula if a question comes in a specific manner?

In this way, after doing practical work on how signals are being processed or converted into different forms and learning all the formulas applied to them by practicing everything, everything will be clear to you.

Some students need a lot of practice to pass this course, but they think that this is enough to get good marks after a little time.

Every person has a different type of mind. Some can easily pick the explained things, and some take time to understand them. As this course is new for most people, investing low time can cause problems.

There are some other courses also which are tough for students. These courses also include programming in the first semester, and some students do not have good expertise in programming languages before the time. When they learn to program, things are difficult for them, and they need more practice than an average student in another discipline. 

I hope you can understand things. If you have any questions about it, you can comment below.

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