In this growing age of technology, most of the problems are faced by our elders because there was a very low quantity and quality technology present at their time so they are not able to use them. They even do not know how to open the applications.

Because at there time they may have the keypad phones or maybe these keypad phones are not available to everyone. But we are using touch phones from our childhood and now we are seeing technologies like dual and triple cameras.

We can easily use dual or triple camera phones because we are using the same technology for many years so up-gradation is easy for us. But our old people who transferred from the days without technology to the days with fast and accurate technology. These changes do not occur gradually so they cause a problem for the people.

My father has a touch screen mobile but he cannot able to use all the functions. They can only open and close some specific applications or know the basic apps like WhatsApp and Facebook but cannot use them properly.

But when I see my younger brother, he can perform those tasks at a very little age that I cannot understand. This shows us one thing every next generation will be more digitally literate than the previous generation because they have access to digital and modern technology faster than the elders.

Let’s discuss it in detail that how does technology affect elderly

How Does Technology Affect the Elderly?

technology and elders

We were born when the world was using technology and we grew up seeing many advancements in different fields. Most of the tech products like computers, tablets, televisions, air conditioners are easily provided to us. So, we can learn things quicker.

For example, if quantum computers will came into the market then we can easily learn how to use them two or three weeks of practice but problems are with our elders. They are affected by it.

For example, everybody is using the new ways to contact the person who is sitting in another country or hundreds of miles away from the home. Our generation can easily contact another person whenever we wanted but our elders do not know how to make a call (voice or video) or to chat with them.

If you will tell them once or multiple times how to use the specific feature they forget it. This is affecting them because sometimes you are not in the home and they wanted to contact someone. First, they have to weigh for you and then you can connect the call between two people.

Sometimes they wanted to read the newspaper but you know all the things are becoming digital and reading newspaper online will be easy but old people do not know how to research and relevant things.

If you want to teach them the use of technology then it is no easy task. They are high aged people and you learn all the things from your childhood and you change different things during it.

For example, If you want to search for some task from Google then you can do it but your elders cannot do it. They have less digital literacy and you have many times more because from your date of birth you are connected with technology.

If they will go to the bank then it will be hard for them to use an ATM and get some money. They will not know inverter technology in the air conditioner they will only ask the electronic device as the AC which is used for cooling only.

They will not know the special sciences used behind the AC. If technology has many disadvantages for the older people who were not attached with this thing throughout their life but there are many advantages also.

Yes, they cannot use tech products without any proper guidance but if a person will remain with them they will be very happy because if they want to see the current affairs of the country of different parts of the world then TV is available and a person can show them what they want to watch.

On the other hand, if they had a mobile phone then give them the knowledge of Google and the platform like YouTube. So, they can search for entertainment or informational content on their own or with the help of a specific person.

A person can also guide them to use the computer or to play the game. They can play the games every day and refreshes their mind bypassing different levels. They can also go for a long drive and to enjoy nature. These people can drink different types of cold drinks that were not present at their time.

They can download any novel or book from the internet and read them in their spare time to increase their knowledge.

Why do older People Reject Technology?

Most of the elders do not consider technology a good thing. Because at their time, most of the things were natural. They think that technology is ruining our lives. Most of them do not consider mobile phones or computers a good thing.

They will prefer to go out or sit with friends instead of using a mobile phone. This is the reason that they cannot be able to learn the use of technology. Most of them also suggest other people reduce its use.

But they do not know how the world is growing so far and there is a lot of difference between the previous century and the present century. In this way, older people reject the technology but they can see difficulties by doing this.

I hope you can understand things. If you have any questions related to it then comment below.

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