We all know that how a programmer work. The person sits in front of the computer and writes tons of lines of characters which is known as code. If you have not seen these people in real life then you must have seen them in movies.

This is true that the programmers shown us in movies are different from reality but it can give you the concept that how these type of people perform there work. The task is provided to them by the industry or the client and then they have to perform the task.

It may be software, an application, or a chatbot that meets all the requirements of the other people. But there is a question, A programmer is always given random tasks, the tasks which are not present before because a client always needs something new and better so how does the programmer know that what to write and make the project successful?

The programmer can write it because programming is not the name of reading some code and printing it the same on the computer screen. Programming is a language that is in different forms like we have the different languages. If somebody asks us to perform the task we know how to do it effectively because we know and understand the language.

We have many years of experience and practice in solving things that are sked to us in a unique way and the things which are not present in the real world. For example, if someone will say to you that you have to win the competition in which first you have to run, then you have to jump and then you have to swim to reach the finishing line. 

Now this competition is very unique to you but you know how to win or reach the finishing points. You will plan according to it and practice swimming, running, and jumping after that you participate in the challenge.

Same in the case of programming, if someone asks to create a very unique thing then a programmer understands it because they mostly work with this type of language.

When you put a very unique task in front of the programmer then they have several years of practice they will make complete steps on paper and make some structure after that they make the code.

During making the code they can also add several things to it. Let’s discuss it in detail.

How Do Programmers Know What to Write?

making code procedure of the programmer

Suppose a person gives you the task of writing a topic on something and you also have good writing skills. You put all your thoughts and feelings into it and try to make the presentation good. After that, you will show it to the person who gives you that topic.

If it will satisfy the person who has given you the task then the making is good but if the person is not satisfied then you have the change the storyline and also make some improvement in it. Same in the case of programming. You have to explain the things in the language of the computer to make a final product.

After that if it will satisfy the client or the company then your work will be appreciated otherwise you have to make some changes to it. Creative thinking is required for making it accurate. If you are thinking that you can write the codes based on creativity and also which are very unique to us then you are wrong.

Many years of practice are needed for this work. In beginning, you can be able to make some basic codes which are already present but on bigger projects company makes the team of experienced programmers and a good manager to make it successful.

For the beginner, writing code is not easy he spent hours making it easy. Just to clear you that making of the program is also not easy for the developer like you also face the difficulty when you write on the topic you do not know about or the information is not present before.

You will write on the topic after hours of research and taking examples from other people. Before writing you will also make the map in the mind that first I will write “introduction” then I will explain “why I choose this topic or what is happening around us” after that you will write the “problems” after that you “give the short answer to keep the users engage with the post” after that you will write “explanation” which will give the users brief overview and at the end, you will “conclude” the things.

Things become easy for you because you already know the language, writing and explaining the terms. If you take the project of writing in which in the knowledge is not provided and you only know the local language which is not English and also you do not have the good writing style.

The style through which you cannot represent the knowledge to the people then no project will be given to you in future and you will be in trouble.

The same happens in the case of making a project based on programming. With the help of an entire map, steps, practice, and other examples you can write the code.

No, let’s talk about how will you make the code.

Suppose you have two numbers and you have to tell that which one is greater and which one is smaller. The first thing in making a code is understanding the language then comes creativity and after that mind mapping or making small parts is important.

First, you will let the two numbers or pick them randomly. After that, you have to apply the condition that if number 1 is bigger then print it otherwise print the number 2. After that, you have to write the final line and press run. In the end, the greater number will be shown to you.

Making a code is not a very hard task you should follow the upper points step by step to make it efficient but practice is a must.

Do Programmers Remember Everything?

No, they do not remember everything. Suppose you are the digital creator and you want to make a video on an unknown topic. Many people find it hard at this point but why this is hard. If they had invested so many years why things are hard for them.

This is because in this type of field you do not remember things but you learn things. There is a lot of difference between learning and remembering things. Remembered things can be forgotten but learned things are helpful at every point of life.

So, come back to the creator. He will find the information in different ways. He will do the same task in very little time compared to the other people. Everyone finds it hard in solving the things which are not present but people who have learned skills from a couple of years always find the way to tackle the problems.

Suppose you want to be a graphic designer and a task is in front of you. Do you remember to pick a color and add them to the design or do you learn which color to pick and add to the design? So, you can say that programmers do not remember things. They only have the practice of years which helps them to solve the problem very accurately.

As a programmer, you have to only remember the concept of programming and how these things work. All the programming languages have the same concept. The things which are different include syntax, style, expression, and characters.

An engineer performs many experiments during its service. Every day he bought a new one. Can anybody say that he already remembers the things? No, this is only because of the learning.

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