How Do Mechanical Engineers Contribute to Society

How Do Mechanical Engineers Contribute to Society

Mechanical engineering is the term that deals with designing machines, making efficient engines, driving vehicles that can reduce human efforts, and many other things.

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mechanical properties of metals everyone must know.

As electrical, civil, and chemical engineering are have solved most of the problems, mechanical engineering also contributed a lot to society.

This field is not new; it has been reached to us by many upgrades. In ancient times, devices like Pulley and wheels were also mechanical, and at that time, they solved people’s problems, and now it is also solving people’s problems.

Did you imagine how helpful was the invention of the wheel and Pulley to humanity at that time? If who did not make the revolution, then people at that time and people present at present cannot travel freely.

The concept of the Pulley is also applied in the modern era for lifting weighty objects, especially when we want to build extensive infrastructure and the wheel is upgraded because the ancient wheel was made up of wood, and their life was concise.

Still, the revolution we are using now contains new material and lasts longer.

But mechanical engineering is not the name of this type of small material only. These were the inventions that took place several years ago, and you can say people of that time the mechanical engineers.

Still, now these types of people deal with more significant engines and machinery to solve society’s problems.

For example, if your car engine is not correctly working and affecting the speed and different functionalities of the car, where will you go? You will go to the mechanic to analyze the car engine’s problem and solve it.

You can say that mechanic is a technician, but an engineer has more knowledge than him. So, consider the role of the mechanical engineer.

Let’s discuss it in detail.

How Do Mechanical Engineers Contribute To Society?

role of mechanical engineers in society

In today’s age, vehicles are essential to us, and they can be bikes, cars, trucks, and airplanes. Mechanical engineering is applied to make their designs, engines, body, and many other things.

You can see that every year when the new model of the car comes into the market it is more attractive than the previous, the accuracy of the vehicle is increased, and if you are using the car running on petrol, it will give you more distance in less petrol.

If it is running on battery, then its running time will increase.

Different types of engines are used in other vehicles for their proper working, and a society cannot grow without having cars.

We cannot go to different cities to sell the products or purchase the products, and we cannot trade without vehicles, and when the trade starts to decrease, the whole country’s economy is affected.

If this type of engineering is not present, there will be no engines in the vehicles, so we have to travel in simple carts with simple speed, and it will take months to reach the specific location.

But now you can see we can trade anywhere, anytime we want. If anyone does not have a personal car, then there is no problem you can find the local transport like a bus that has a large capacity of people and a high power engine that can take you from one part of the city to the other part.

If you live in one city and have a business and have a shortage of products, you can easily travel to other towns for product purchasing and selling.

The village people can travel to cities anytime and return to their houses anytime.

They can regularly come to work and then go back. Coming to the job and at evening going home process can also be done by just having one bike.

Now come to the home appliances; in my previous article, I have discussed the importance of thermodynamics in electrical engineering, and I had also addressed home appliances.

A lot of people will be confused because most of the home appliances like an air conditioner or the refrigerator are related to electrical or mechanical.

The answer is most home appliances use both types of engineering knowledge. Because they are running on electric power and managing the electricity, different things are used, and mechanical engineering is applied for the heating and cooling process.

In a lot of other things also both knowledge fields are applied together. So, suppose I am taking the example of the home application like AC as the electrical device to explain its cycle (heat in & heat out).

In that case, it will also be suitable, and it will also be appropriate to take this application as a mechanical device to explain the thermodynamic effect or the cycle.

But mostly comes under mechanical engineering because thermodynamics and this engineering have such a close relationship that none of the other fields have.

Now In-home appliances like refrigerators, Air conditioners, and mechanical engineering are applied. So, if it will not be present, we cannot store food for many days and cannot sit under the cool air of AC.

You can also take the example of Fan. If this type of engineering will not be present, we humans cannot sit under the fans, and it simply means that we will face extreme hot weather if this engineering is absent.

In this way, mechanical engineering contributed to society by giving people more accessible and helpful ways.

You can say that in industries, the machines are running because of mechanical engineers. They are upgrading the engines present in them and their structure to meet the demand of the increasing public.

They are serving society well, and we have to appreciate them for their efforts.

Is Mechanical Engineering A Good Career For the Future?

Yes, it is. Now every country is working on making its economy strong. For making the economy strong, we must need industries.

When the number of sectors increases, it will open several opportunities, and all of us know that mechanical engineers are playing an essential role in industries.

On the other hand, you can see that startups are everywhere, and in the future, they will increase in number, so mechanical engineers will be a must for them because most startups try to solve people’s problems.

If people want to make the lives of ordinary people easier, they have to start from their homes, and you can see the use of mechanical-related products in the house. So, it will be in great demand from every point of view.

Will anything can replace mechanical engineering?

No, there is nothing developed yet that can replace mechanical engineering. We cannot finish it because our industries are running on this knowledge. If we finish mechanical engineering, how can we build an engine that can give us more output in low fuel? 

Many robotics tasks are related to mechanical engineering. 

There is nothing that can power our industries right now, and it can provide good products to us. 

If engine cars can be replaced by electric cars, you can see the mechanical engineering field is also changing. It is changing according to the market.

If industry requirements are changing, students who go into this field are also prepared for the new trends. They are changing according to the new technologies in the market.

If you want to go in this field, go. Do not worry about the future. But, when you study in this field, focus on the trends. Change yourself according to the trends.

If you have any questions about it, you can comment below.

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