How Computer Science Engineering is linked with Nanotechnology

How Computer Science Engineering is Linked with Nanotechnology

Nowadays we are dealing with very small things like chips or gates and computers to solve our problems. These things are only possible due to the field of computer science and nanotechnology. Both technologies are also contributing to the economy of the world.

Computer science is the study of the complexity of computers. Knowledge of working of computers and different algorithms in it is a basic part of this field. How a computer deals with input and how it shows the specific output by processing is also studied in it.

Many people think that we have completed the field of computer science but the truth is that this field is still incomplete. Many new theories are being represented by many scientists. One of the most famous areas where knowledge of computer science is applied is quantum computing.

Quantum computers contain many of those things which humans do not know. By applying soo much knowledge of computer science we still have reached the basic level of this type of computing.

As you know the atom is the smallest particle and building block of matter. The solid, liquid, and gasses that we are seeing in daily life are made with the help of atoms. The study of these smallest particles is known as nanotechnology. Electrons and protons also come under it. You can change the composition of the matter with the help of it.

If you are sitting at the table and you saw the object on the table in the shape circle. You wanted to change it to square then you can do it if you know the field. Simple change the composition of the given element.

But both of these fields are linked to each other. Knowledge of both of the fields is mixed to solve maximum problems of the world.

How Computer Science Engineering is linked with Nanotechnology?

As you know that the first computer was so big that many people were required to shift the device from one place to another and now the computers are discovered that can fit in our hands. The devices like Arduino also act as mini-computers for some tasks.


The chips that we use in the computer are becoming small when the new version of the system is launched in the market. Not only in computers these chips have multiple applications in the real world.

Have you ever seen the IC’s? IC’s are integrated circuits present in very small forms. It is made with the help of different electronic components like transistors, gates, and capacitors. These components are good in numbers to provide good output.

That’s a very great thing because IC is already too small and making and installing components that fit into it is great to work. It is only possible due to nanotechnology. These IC’s are known as chips that are used in computers.

There are billions of transistors in each computer that process the information in 0 and 1. For example, if you are on a video call with your friend on the computer, you have no idea how the face of the friend is shown to you. There are millions of functions of 0 and 1 are generated behind the screen.


The tasks by these transistors are performed accurately so you do not get any distortion.

So, both of these fields are linked in the area of computing. Computer science knowledge is used to increase the computational powers of the system and nanotechnology knowledge is used to increase the speed of the work.

Now let’s talk about the healthcare sector. When a patient has a serious disease that cannot be found by the physicians externally then they decide to find the disease by the internal situation of the patient’s body. They use a small device and put it into the human body. This device is so small that patients do not have any issues regarding this.

So, the device uses nanotechnology so it is made so small. But with the help of computer science engineering we can see the internal conditions by the help of software on the computer. Computer engineering knowledge is also applied for building the hardware components of the device. 

Now let me take the uses of nanotechnology in quantum computing. Nanotechnology is derived from quantum physics and concepts of quantum physics are also applied in the construction of quantum computers. 

Quantum computers use qubits for giving us the output. When these computers work in qubits there output becomes many times faster because traditional computers only deal with bits that have less decision-making capability and the whole process is slow.

The qubits used in quantum computers are based on electron spins. So, that’s exactly what we study in nanotechnology. We deal with extremely small particles. With this technology, we can make quantum computers better. With the help of this technology, quantum computers can manage a huge amount of data in seconds.

We are still working on making quantum computing possible. Recently Google claimed that they have made the world’s fastest quantum computer but now the country China is claiming that they have made the quantum computer that can solve the problems much faster than the computer of Google.

China claims that their quantum computer can solve those tasks in very little time which can take Google’s quantum computer 8 years to solve. It can only be done by nanotechnology because in traditional computers the size of components is reduced and their number is increased.

So, they become faster than before now this technology is applied in quantum computing for good results and completing it.

These all examples show that in most cases nanotechnology is linked with computer science engineering. If both of these fields work together then the progress of this world can increase many times.

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