Coding plays a very important role in our daily lives. Most of the software and applications that we use in our daily life are made with the help of coding.

These software and applications are made in the way that the user loves them. Games are also one of them which plays a role in the entertainment of life. By playing games we can pass our time without any tension.

Some people also play games for earning money. Many tournaments are held worldwide for gaming. You will also see that many people upload game plays on Facebook and YouTube.

Coding a game is a very important part of game development. Without this there is nothing is special in the game. Without this, we will see only some characters without any shape moving in the game.

Video Game Coding

Coding of the game is done in specific game engines like Unity. Many companies make their game engine because they make work easier for specific games.

Game assets are also very important because they give an attractive look to the game. Now I will discuss that how coding works in video games.

Giving Input to the Character

When we play a game and control the character present in the game with the help of a keyboard or mouse. If we are playing with mobile or tables we will control the character with the help of a touch screen.

Coding is used for getting the input from the user and showing the output on the screen. Sometimes when you are using a computer and giving the input with the help of the keyboard then you give the command of going forward with the S alphabet and character jumps with the help of the spacebar.

All these commands are entered into the game with the help of coding.


Gameplay is also made with the help of coding. In the gameplay, we have to make the objective, levels, and different challenges of the game. Some games tell their story before starting. The reason for this is to describe that why you are playing the game and what you have to perform further in the game.

One level will be easy and next level will be difficult and the next level will be more difficult. The difficulty of the game keeps on increasing.

The number of levels is also managed with the help of coding. It is also managed that after how many levels the boss level will come and it is made more difficult compared to many other levels.

AI in Gaming

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. AI is used in games to give the user a better experience. Let me explain it. When you play most of the games the characters around you will be moving without any control.

You have only control over the main character with the help keyboard or touch screen. You do not have any control over other characters. They will be moving like normal characters that we see in our world.

You can take the example of GTA Vice City. You will notice that all human beings are working on their own without any control. So, artificial intelligence is used to control the world of gaming.

The enemies in the game also make smart with the help of artificial intelligence. For implementing AI in video games we use coding.

Game Engines

Game Engines that we use for developing games are also made with the help of coding. Games can also be made without these engines but with the help of these game engines, we can add different features to the game. The game can be made more attractive with the help of these engines.

Unity game engine is made with C & C++ language. Most of the big companies make their engine to make more efficient games.


If you are making 2players, 3-players, or multiplayer games then you have to make a network with help of coding. You have to code in this way that one person can interact with another person with the help of the game.

If there are two teams in the game then you have to make sure that the people of one team cannot interact with the people of another field. They can only talk to the people of their team.

You can take the example of PUBG Mobile here. You make a squad and play the game. After making the squad you can be able to talk to other members of the squad online. This is done with the help of coding.


Graphics of the game is also managed with the help of coding. The graphics are made in this way that they can attract the user towards them.

Just see the graphics of PUBG Mobile. The games look very attractive. So, it is becoming popular along with the world. In this game, everything is made so clear that it look like the thing of the real world.

In this way, the user loves the game and the user will play it again and again.

In this way, coding works in video games at different points. Coding is an important term in a video game that cannot be neglected.

At every point of the video, games coding is important for their proper working. For developing to publishing the video game coding is important.

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