Different languages are spoken by humans all over the world. Every person loves to speak in his national language. But when these people go to other countries they talk in English. The reason is that English is spoken internationally.

If you will interact with the tourists coming into your country from anywhere in the world then they will also talk in English. If you will go into someone’s country then speaking English is your need. This clears us learning English is important. It is not only important when you go abroad, but it is also important when you are in the country.

Because of the rise of technology we are connected to the whole world. The people around us chat video calls and send voices to the people aboard. They also need the English language for it. In some cases, you can also see that when the random person from our own country chats with us, we send texts in the English language, not in the local language.

Now the question that arises is that if this language has so much importance then how we can learn it? The answer is with the help of technology. After getting this answer the second question that arises is that How can technology add value in English language teaching today?

And the answer is there are many platforms developed nowadays that help us to teach or learn English. These services or platforms can also guide us when we are in another country. If a person does not like to use these platforms but also wanted to learn English then he/she should use tech products regularly. The English will be automatically improved. 

Let’s discuss all the things in detail.

How can technology add value to English language teaching today?

technology and learning English

Today we have different learning applications, video streaming platforms and most of the data covered on the internet is in English and also there is no cost for it. With the help of the applications which are developed today, we can learn different languages during walking and running,

We just need a mobile phone for that. Nowadays we can take a dictionary in our pocket and use it whenever we can. If I give my example, whenever I find difficulty in learning something I just pick up up the mobile phone, open Google Translate, and search the term into different languages, after that I can get an overview of things.

If you want to improve the English language then there are many E-books present on the internet for free. You can make the weekly or monthly schedule of downloading a book from the internet on any specific topic and reading it completely.

It can also help to improve your English. On the other hand, if you start listening to native English speakers then you can put yourself in a good way. These people can be found on any video platform like Facebook or YouTube.

Just subscribe to their channels or like their pages and consume their content as much as you can and there are people present who are consuming it in a large amount,

Most of the content of the blog is in English. In most cases, the national news publishes two types of news, one in the national language and the other in the English language and if you will start to read the news in the English language, you can make improvements. Notice that, if you have only a mobile phone then you can learn the English language easily.

While using mobile phones most of the things are presented to us in the English language. If you have a personal assistant on the mobile then you have to talk to it in English. Same in the case of virtual personal assistants installed at home.

While using social media platforms most of the posts are shown to us in English. When we wanted to get some information from the person in the group we explain the reason to him in English and after getting an answer to respond to him. Most of us comment under the posts in English.

Most of the trends contain this language. If any of us is interested in international affairs then the news is present in the English language. In this way, we are in the form of learning English all the time with the help of technology.

Nowadays you can speak a sentence in front of the phone and you can get the response in another language. This feature is already present in Google Translate which is also helpful. Voice search in most the search engine performs well when you speak in English.

When you search for something on Google and a complete guide comes in front of you then you follow the steps in the guide and your problem will be solved. You have two benefits in this way. One your problem is solved and other your English language will be improved.

These were the things which are helping in learning and speaking the language but what will you do if you love to write but do not know how to write? It was difficult in recent years but now it is very easy to improve writing skills. Now the software will notify you about the words which are causing problems and also tell you that what wording will fit in the line.

This software is also very helpful in many other ways.

What if we do not use Technology in Learning English? 

We will face difficulty if technology will not be used in learning English. Imagine if Google Translate or the platform through which you are taking courses disappears, how will you feel? The situation will be very tough.

You will be cut from the world and if you are a tourist or a business manager who deals with a different type of people then it will be a huge drawback for you.

At every small mistake in English, most of us open Google Translate or the dictionary in downloaded form. This is the benefit of technology.

Without technology, we cannot able to read the thoughts of the people sitting in other countries and also cannot be able to share our thoughts with them because we cannot have software to give them a better version in the form of writing.

That’s why technology is important in it.

What Factors Affect Learning Languages?

Many factors affect the learning of English or any other language. The first thing is that students or teachers do not know the appropriate use of technology.

It may be also a lack of digital literacy. Another thing is that students and teachers have the burden of studies or responsibilities so that they cannot able to manage time.

Some people do not consider learning new languages a good thing and some like to read books related to their language only. Some people lose motivation during taking the course and some do not have the resources to buy it.

I hope you can understand things. If you have any questions related to it then you can comment below.

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