How Are Code Maintainability and Simplicity Related

How Are Code Maintainability and Simplicity Related

In software engineering, the project is done by applying different conditions. If the project is completed, the job is not done because you may get the same task again for further improvements.

The software or different applications that are being made today need up-gradation continuously because people’s interest changes after some time, and the project’s demand changes. You can also analyze it when you play the game.

By playing the same game every day, we get bored. So, if people are not interested in the game, it starts to lose popularity which is made for the company and the developers.

But when we see the new features and new challenges, we get more excited and start to play the game with great interest. In this way, the software and software developers must improve themselves for quality results.

Two terms play an important role in software development and up-gradation. These terms are maintainability and simplicity.

In simple words, you can define maintainability as how much effort or time software requires to be upgraded or remove errors. It may contain high efforts and considerable time, or it may organize low efforts and less time. It depends on the software you are working on and the type of coding used.

A maintainable code is through which we can make improvements and remove errors without having any difficulty. So, what is the simplicity of code?

Simplicity means how much time is required for another programmer or the same person to understand and make changes to the program without facing any difficulty.

It’s expected that if the code is easy, there will be no problem for the person doing up-gradation. Still, if the program’s documentation is complex and not made in easy terms, it will undoubtedly take time to understand how things are working and how to further code changes.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

– Hans Hofmann

Now the question arise that how maintainability and simplicity are related to each other. So, lets discuss it in detail.

Simplicity and maintainability relation in coding

They are related in that if one thing is missing, then the whole procedure is incomplete. You cannot be able to provide value to the project. Let’s start with simplicity. During the making of the software, simplicity is a must because many problems are detected after making the whole program.

Maybe it will be detected in the user testing phase or when it will be popular in public. People suggest different up-gradation for them, and if they do not mean anything, it is also required to keep the user engaged with applications or software.

When the developmentrelated task is straightforward, now comes the step of maintainability in which you have to add different things into the project. The exciting thing is that this step is done when the application is public.

So, when that thing comes across the programmer and does not have simplicity, this project will take many days. It will be completed when the programmer analyzes everything again or may learn some new things.

He has to learn the code and do experiments on it from A-Z, which can create problems. For your better understanding, you have to add, subtract, average, product, and divide the numbers.

You perform all these operations in one line of code after implementing variables that will create a problem for others because the code is accessible according to you. Still, from another point of view, the code is difficult to understand.

When you have done all the operations in one line, the next person will understand what is happening and how the code is giving the proper output. But while making the code, if you take the number equal to variables and do all the instructions step by step, it will be easy for others while fixing some errors.

First, give each number a variable, then start a+b and then a-b after that a*b and after that a%b and at the end for finding average (a+b)/2. This example is just to explain to you that if you make everything simple, then the code is easily understandable during maintainability.

In most cases, you get the same project for maintainability because according to the company’s or client’s mind, you can better understand making up-gradation in the specific code.

But it mostly happens that what we have created by our own hands does not stay in mind. So, at that point, if you do not follow code simplicity techniques, how would you be able to make maintainability.

In this way, they are closely related to each other. So, while making a program, keep in mind that you are helping the company by making this. Still, you are helping the people who use the software or application and people who will be given this project for up-gradation in the future and the helping yourself also for the future work if it comes back to you.

Coding is an art, and sometimes a person standing next to you could not understand what you want to deliver. Art is something that is easy to understand and has a profound message inside it. 

One thing is dependent on the other. If you have any questions about this, you can comment below.

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