Engineering without Math and Physics [Completely Discussed]

Engineering without Math and Physics [Completely Discussed]

According to Elon Musk “Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world”.

Elon Musk is a famous entrepreneur who has a good background in this field. He is also trying to make many new things in this field that can help humanity.

In simple words he is saying that “engineering is magic” and he is right. You can build anything with the knowledge of engineering. You can change your imagination into reality.

The people who were present 100 years ago were imagining the things that we have today. This is only possible with the knowledge of engineering.

You can take the examples of engineering from daily life.

Suppose you are walking on the corner of the road for exercise. All the things around you are based on engineering. The roads, buildings, big screens, vehicles, and many other things.

But these types of things were not present in the past centuries.

If you have the knowledge of this field and have a unique idea then you can impress the whole world with it. The most popular example is self-driving cars.

But for going in this field you need knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, Signal and Systems, Digital Circuits, Engineering drawing, knowledge of different machinery, programming and many other things.

But our main focus is Math and Physics subjects because knowledge of math and physics is implemented in all the existing subjects.

In studying digital circuits math and physics are applied. In studying signal & systems math and physics are important. Engineering drawing is also made with the help of these subjects.

In programming languages, math is applied to make complete algorithms.

According to most people, Math and Physics are not important in engineering and some people ask the question of their importance.

Let’s discuss it in detail. 

Can Engineering be done without Math & Physics?

The knowledge of Math and Physics is very important to every person. It does not mean that he/she is related to engineering or not. Concepts of Math and Physics are also being implanted.

These concepts are also used in the medical sector which does not have any specific relationship with engineering fields (but now the relation is being created by different technologies).

Math and Physics are the foundation of engineering courses. Engineering cannot be done without these courses.

If you somehow pass all courses in engineering without practicing math and physics (which is not possible) it will be very bad for your career and your future.

Importance of math and physics in engineering

Companies wanted skills and without having these subjects you cannot be able to complete the requirement of the company.

Just imagine if a civil engineer will not know mathematics and physics how he/she will make different drawings related to the object? and how he/she will decide all the dimensions, distance length, and many more.

It would be very hard for them. The structure can be broke in some months or weeks. But if an engineer has good knowledge of math then he/she can build a good structure that will last for years.

If you take the example of electrical engineering then how a person will know about current, its movement, and other particles in-circuit without the knowledge of physics.

Without knowledge of physics, a person will not be able to make large circuits that are used in computers, robots, tablets, and many more.

Electrical engineering is not limited to circuits. Many other things also come under it. Managing large machinery for power supply is also part of this. Mathematics knowledge is highly applied in this field.

If you take the example of mechanical engineering then knowledge of both subjects is highly applied in it. Imagine you are a mechanical engineer and wanted to make a mechanical arm for industries.

What do you need for its proper working? You need knowledge of both subjects.

This knowledge helps the arm from picking a certain thing at a specific angle from one place and take it to another place by holding a specific position and then fit the part where it is needed.

All the things are based on these two subjects.

Without the knowledge of these two subjects, the robot will not be able to pick up the things and there are high chances the specific thing will fell in before destination.

So, the part will also not set a specific position which means that your model fails and no space for you in the market.

The other most important thing in engineering is programming.

The importance of math in programming cannot be neglected because before running an algorithm on your computer screen you have to make it on paper by applying the different mathematical operations.

You will make different equations on it.

After that, you will run it on the computer. If your math is right then it will run without creating any issue.

But if you do not learn properly then you have to change the strategy by applying new formulas and making new equations.

So, if you do not love math or physics then do not go into the engineering field. Because these subjects are the foundation of the building named engineering.

You can face many serious problems during or after the study. The chances of your job will decrease and you will be also not able to start a startup because of less knowledge. 

How to Improve Math and Physics for Engineering?

How to Improve Math and Physics for Engineering ​

Many people do not know math and physics but they are passionate about doing engineering. If they have passion then they can do it.

At the start, it will be very difficult because a person does not have any background in these subjects.

If a person wanted to do engineering then the first step is to develop a love for both of the subjects.

Start solving basic problems of math or physics and then gradually increase them. Enroll yourself in additional courses to increase your knowledge.

Try to solve all the complex questions all by yourself.

See around you in which things the knowledge of math and physics is applied. If you will understand then think about how it is applied?.

Try to solve extra problems related to these subjects. First, try examples and then increase your level.

But do not forget to analyze the things around you. The more you analyze the broader your will be your thinking.

For example, you wanted to charge your laptop then you plug in the switch and connect the charging cable to the laptop and it starts charging.

So, the current is flowing and coming to the laptop and increasing its charging. So, you have to analyze how the current particles are coming.

It is just an example to show you that how things around you are working based on math and physics and how to analyze it.

If you have any questions related to this then you can comment below. 


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