What are Data Structures & Algorithms?

Data structures and algorithms play a very important role in making and running the program. It makes the program accurate. You also know that without making the complete plan the program is not able to run.

First, you have to make the algorithm and then the further process is continued. These algorithms are data structure algorithms that are applied before making an accurate program.

With data structures and algorithms you can manage a very large amount of data easily.

As the name shows that “data” and “structures” mean that they give your program a proper shape to express it to anyone. You know that atom is the building block of the matter present in the world.

Just like that, you can consider the data structures and algorithms as the building blocks of large programs. Small programs can be made easily without applying any techniques.

Data structures & algorithms contain arrays, linked lists (singly, doubly, and circular linked lists), trees, stack, queue, edge, sorting, and hashing. Many other things are also included in it.

Let me explain an application of data structures in our daily life for giving you a view that how these techniques are applied in everything.

In this digital era, everyone knows how to use a computer. You have noticed that if we give multiple operations to the computer then the computer will perform that task which input was given to it first.

It will not perform the tasks randomly. So, here the concept of queue operation is used. Everything happens with its number. Not only that you can take the example of music that is played on your mobile phone daily.

You have also noticed that if you do not shuffle the music then this music run in order. The first one is played and then the second one and then many other. This is also a queue.

So, from this, you can analyze the data structures and algorithms importance. Just imagine if you had to make the application of music player in which songs will be played one by one with an order. Can you make it without making a strategy?

No, you cannot do it just by generating an idea in your mind. You can ask about the strategy as the data structure and algorithms. 

Do I Need to Learn Data Structures and Algorithms for Android Development?

data structure and algorithm for android development

You always need knowledge of data structures and algorithms in android application development for getting faster output and making the working of applications more efficient.

Some areas need more data structure knowledge and some need less but it is important.

Many people will say that it is for other purposes or this thing does not have so many uses in application development. But the truth is that you have become a professional in app development and had solved a large number of projects and you are also working for good companies.

You have a grip on all the programming languages but you need basic knowledge of data structures because sometimes when things will not working by your side then you have to apply the algorithm and things like stack or linked list for making a proper application. You can see the example of the music player application given above.

It can clear your points that how things can work by applying these methods. You can see the applications of Google that run on android. All the applications are based on data structures.

In YouTube, when you will see the one video if you will be on auto-paly then the next video is shown to you, and a sequence of videos and in many other things this knowledge is applied.

Now take the example of Google Maps, all the areas all connected, and accurate roots are suggested to us. Time and distance are also shown to us. In this application, the knowledge of graph is applied.

In Google search, the knowledge is of stack and queue is applied. You can take the example of the queue when you open the link in the new tab then everything will happen with the order. If you open 10 websites in new tabs then first will be that which you open at the first time.

The stack knowledge is applied when you continue with the same tab and visit many pages after all this when you wanted to go back all the previous will be shown to you and then you go to the main page after going through all the pages that you have visited.

I know the example of Google search is irrelevant when it comes to the field of android application development but after seeing this understanding further examples will be easy for you.

But you see Google’s applications that are running on android are using data structures. But now I will focus on the common examples of everyday life.

Facebook is also a social media application for both Android and Apple users. The concept of the edge is also applied in it for connecting the user from one part of the word to another part.

With the help of it a compete network is formed. 

You can take the example of video players applications on mobile phones. The videos are sorted according to date and size. When people skip one video and go to the next, knowledge of data structure is also applied.

The other android applications like reminders and downloaders also use data structures for running. If you will go for an interview with an android developer many questions from data structures and algorithms will be asked from you.

So, the question arises that is data structure is compulsory in android development. The answer is it depends on the category of the application. A basic understanding is required for making a good application with limited users or specified tasks.

But making big and best applications which can get good amount of users all over the world this knowledge is important. 


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