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The fields of science and engineering are very helpful in experimenting and presenting interesting facts that were never known before in front of the world.

Both fields always describe the reasons for different things that are happening in the real world. Science is the broad field in which people cover different problems that are created by the present generation or past generation and provide the solution to the world.

The scientist only covers the specific questions. These types of questions are asked by a large number of people or come to the scientist’s mind. They perform experiments on the question and analyze different things.

After that, they present the report to the front of the world. In this report, they describe the experiments that they made and the conclusion of the entire research.

You can say that engineering is derived from science. But it is different from science. The different problems of the market are detected by them. Engineers detect the problems by themselves and solve the problem by making a model.

Engineers can build something special for the market. It can be a machine, device, or gadget.

But scientists only make experiments by themselves and present them in the form of a report and no practical things are shown by them. The scientists can tell in conclusion that how the problem is created and how it can be solved.

They also show that how much time the problem will take to solve. But engineers solve the problem by creating the things.

So, they are different fields but knowledge of both fields is very important for the progress of the world. Now let me explain to you that how scientific experiments are different from engineering projects. 

Difference Between Scientific Experiments and Engineering Projects

Science and Engineering Difference

As explained above, engineering is different from science so the process of working and types of projects will also be different.

Suppose you are an engineer and you go to the construction site of the country. When you go there you saw that many people are working all day. After going to the specific side for many days you will analyze that there are only workers that are lifting that thing from one place to another.

The workers are doing the slow work and so that building is taking many months but the work can be done by the earlier.

After that, you think that these people are facing problems than how many people in the world will be facing the same problem. Then you will analyze the previous work and other different work types that are done in the country.

After all the things you will notice that it is the big problem and if it is not solved then the buildings will take much time for completion than they require time. So, you make the complete details and make a team.

After that, you will make a machine that can perform the work of hundred workers in less time and the construction will be done in a limited time.

This machine can take things from one place to another and also pass the specific object to the second story of the building. In this way, engineering projects are made The problems are solved this way.

But in the case of science, everything starts with a question. The question may be why the construction of the specific building is taking soo much time? or why so much time is required for making a building?

The scientist will analyze the previous time taken by the workers to complete the buildings. After that, they perform different experiments on the construction sides. They will replace the worker’s shift or change the workers. They will also replace the old men with the young men and analyze the output.

After that, the final reports are made and in this report, the conclusion is described. The final results may be if the younger workers are used then work will be done accurately or work can be done easily by increasing number of workers or it may be if some kind of machine is used then the work is done fast.

In this way, the things are represented. Scientists explain all the things about the specific problems and predict different things for the future by making different types of experiments and engineers solve the problem in practical ways like developing a machine or a gadget.

Science is very big compared to engineering. Engineering is also part of it. Science is applied to almost everything in the world. If the thing is moving then it will also have some kind of science behind it. But engineering cannot be applied in all things of the world. Engineering also covers most of the things in the world. Most of the sectors in our daily life are based on engineering. 

But it is not as broad as science. 

Scientific Experiments

Engineering Projects

  • Starts with a Question
  • Starts with a Problem 
  • The history of the thing is analyzed
  • The history of the problem is analyzed
  • Different Predictive Statements are made 
  • Required things are analyzed 
  • Experiments are made
  • Different solutions are made 
  • Testing the experiments 
  • Testing the solutions 
  • Making Conclusions 
  • Improve Solutions 
  • Communicate Results
  • Communicate the Results 

In this way, scientific experiments and engineering projects processes are done.

In simple words “the common word of scientists is “Why”. They analyze different things and the common questions are why this thing is happening or why the process of work is so late or why the system is not efficient and many other questions like this.

Several experiments are suggested by different scientists or a scientist which is managing. Work is done on many experiments and accurate experiments with accurate results are presented to the people.

The common word of engineers is “How”. These people always find the solution to the problems. They do not say that why the problem is created. They analyze the problem but scientists analyze the things by which the problem is happening.

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