Every person has a hobby. It is the task which we perform on the daily basis and never think to leave the task because it is the source. It can be done in their free time or busy time but most of the people do it in free time.

Some hobbies are cooking, gardening, playing games, writing reading, and many others. With the digitalization of the era, the hobbies of people are also changing. People spent a large amount of time on social media just for the sake of entertainment it can be also considered a hobby.

Now the people working on the internet or some other companies also consider their work as a hobby. When they sit to solve a specific problem then time passes very fast but they do not realize it because they are having fun solving the problems.

Programming is also a very popular field. Now the question that arises is that can programming be a hobby. The answer is Yes, programming can be a hobby. Many people are considering programming as a part of life. Most of them are those who are independent (do not have any job).

Let’s discuss it in detail.

How Programming can be a Hobby?

programming as the hobby

It can become a hobby when you have a strong passion. There are two types of people. One is those who do not want to wake up in the early morning and go to the office. During work, they always count the days and wish to have the weekends sooner.

But on the other hand, some people do not like to sleep in the night because their day goal is not completed, and after completing that they wake up early because if the task will not be completed People having this mindset take programming as the hobby otherwise a person will feel stress all the time and can never do the work with full potential.

If you want to make programming the hobby then you have to be self-taught and working for yourself. A person going to the job can also make it a hobby but in most cases, a person goes to the job with full potential, and after some time the energy level drops.

Sometimes there are many issues created between the company and the person. Sometimes we cannot able to settle with seniors. Working for yourself means that first learn to program and then give the services online by solving different projects.

When you will earn some money then you will desire to earn more money. Online working will also tell a person that either he can be a programmer or not. Because it is a long process to learn and sell you skill. Most people give up in the way.

So, if you give up while learning this means that you were not coming into this field because of passion. The person who is working online knows that he is not working for the company he is working for himself. This thing always push him to do work and most of the people take the breaks during work but these type of people also prevent taking breaks.

You will see that this person is in front of a computer all the time of the day and even at night sometimes laptop remain open in front of him while sleeping.

While mostly a person who is going to the job will not perform extra tasks. They came to the house and try to sleep earlier. Most of the programmers also left their field because they lost interest. If this thing becomes your hobby then first you will work for yourself then you will build the team and after that, you can make the big company.

This is because investing huge time in coding will give you some different and new knowledge that is not present to anyone. One thing to keep in mind is if you started today and wanted to learn and earn something then stick to it do not leave it in the beginning, center, or close to the success, it will automatically become a hobby if you put in the work on daily basis.

A person at the job can also make it a hobby but problems create there when he wanted to do something different but the company will ask him to do it differently. At this point, he only does the work according to the company and will never try things according to them.

You have also heard the stories of the people who left their jobs but after some time, they become more successful from the people working in that company. Because they know that the skill is their hobby and they have to use it differently. If you are thinking that a person at the job will not make it a hobby then it is not always true.

A person at the job is pushed by some other but when you do not push yourself without any strong desire you cannot make things a hobby.

There is a lot of difference between profession and hobby. Profession means that the specific work is your identity and hobby means the specific work is your part of life.

What can I code as a hobby?

You can make different things. Just see around you and start it. Everything is based on something new. You can start it from the applications present on the mobile phone and try to add something new according to your mind. You can also make the layout like Google.

You can make web applications or desktop applications. You can add AI features to them. You can make your face recognition system. Just make some valuable things in your spare time and try to upgrade them with time.

Usually, a person with a hobby always has something to do. Because all the time ideas of the specific thing wander in the mind. For example, if you are gardening then you know what to do and how your garden will look different and unique.

You will purchase different seeds and plant them in a specific place and many other things will be done. If the grass will grow then you will cut it. Same in the case of writing. All the time you will think as the creator and after that, you express the new things in front of people.

In the case of reading, you will always think that today I will start that specific book after that I will read another and at the end, I will read another book. You have all the track of the things. The same will happen when coding as the hobby is chosen.

I hope you get the point. If you had any questions related to this then you can comment below.

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