The discussion on artificial intelligence and the roles of humans is being made on a national and international level. Thousands of papers are published every month by many professionals.

In these papers, different people predict different things on AI and jobs.

Many people say that it will take over the specified sectors and many say that it will take all the jobs and many say that it will be very helpful to solve more complex problems and will not effects our jobs.

Everyone has their point of view but this is true that many new things are being found on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis and growth of this field become much more time more.

Many people have the fear of the AI revolution. According to their thinking, they will lose the job soon because of the growth of AI.

Most of them are software engineers, workers, store managers, drivers, teachers, and many others.

Expert system is also the part of AI. These types of systems can advise professionals. These systems do not generate information on their own.

The information is entered by the human so in most of the cases, the data given is correct.

These systems play an important role in AI. If the machine is doing all the things that a well-educated person can do then it means that the machine is based on the expert system.

For example, you go to the teacher for correcting your mistakes in the English language but it takes a lot of time to go to the teacher’s house.

But the teacher is also giving a piece of good knowledge. In this way, you can use expert systems and save time.

You can use a pre-programmed robot or software based on expert systems for learning proper English. They can help you to clear the mistakes.

If you are sick and do not want to go to the hospital and you have the device or gadget based on an expert system you can take advice from it and use the cure suggested by the machine. So, it means you are curing yourself at home.

This means that the doctor’s jobs are also in danger. We will now discuss only doctors. So, after that, the question arises that will expert systems replace doctors’ jobs. 

Can a Human Doctor be Replaced by an Expert System?

Human doctors and expert systems

The answer is NO. Expert systems of AI can never replace human doctors but they can be very helpful in improving the procedure for the treatment of people.

As you know that every doctor has different thinking and different way of treating. Expert systems contains advise of many doctors at the same point.

So, imagine if a doctor is advising the patient and a machine is installed near it which contains data given by many doctors near it.

The advice given to people will automatically be improved because it is not the advice of one professional, it is the advice given by many professionals at a time.

But giving machines all the authority to make the decisions is not a good thing because of the following reasons.

Everything Cannot be Entered in System

The knowledge taken from different people is entered into the system with the help of programming. Instructions and working of things are also entered in it.

But every single thing cannot be entered into the system. This system cannot give advanced treatment. They can only give the cure which is given to them.

No extra things are suggested and no details of things are given.

These types of systems can only suggest you cure without further explanation Another thing is that how will you add creativity to the system with the help of programming.

If a person will be suffering from a unique disease then these systems will fail because they do not have any knowledge.

At that point, they can also suggest the wrong cure if some similarities are present in the disease. But doctors will perform all the things accurately.

They will think creatively and suggest the best cure to the people.

Trust Level

Humans have more trust levels between them compared to any system. Imagine you have some serious issues with your body and you wanted to cure them. You will go to the human doctor or expert system to fix the issue?

Of course, you will go to the human doctor because you trust him. The human doctor gives you a very easy environment to explain yourself. He will talk to you like a friend.

But a system cannot provide that type of environment. People will go to those who are offering full security. After talking to a human doctor we feel secure but getting advice from the system does not satisfy us.

Giving Medicines to the People

Mostly, if you are suffering from some serious disease then the doctor does not give the medicine on its own. He will contact other senior members and friends related to the same field.

After all the investigation the final thing is given to the person. But in the case of any system, the only output will be provided. It is not the concern of the system either the output is true or false.

These systems are very good for basic problems but cannot provide solutions to big and complex problems so humans are better.

If you have a disease like flu then it can be cured with the help of systems or software but not others.

Expensive Treatment

The treatment which will be given by the machine based on artificial intelligence or expert system will be very expensive.

If you go to the human for treatment then it will be many times faster and cheaper.

Getting time and special treatment from the machine which is made by the knowledge of thousands of engineers, programmers, and doctors will not be cheap.

Here you can take the example of Neuralink technology. It has advantages in real life and the future, it will be more upgraded but the cost will be too much high that a normal person will not afford.

So, people will prefer humans instead of machines.

Making & Managing Smart Algorithms

Making smart algorithms is not an easy task at the level of artificial general intelligence. We have to improve this field more.

If you installed these machines in hospitals then programmers are always required.

In case of new medicines or disease machine should be updated regularly otherwise it will give wrong information to some people.

At this level, we can only develop the system that is specified to cure one or two small diseases.

In bigger diseases, it can be helpful and take part with physicians. For making the smart algorithms knowledge of thousand of doctors are needed who have different views from one another.

If you have any questions related to this then you can comment below. 


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