Nowadays we are using computers for managing hardware components like machines and also managing a large amount of data with the help of software. The computer has its hardware and software.

The keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, and CPU is hardware and the programs and files that we use within the computer are software. Even an operating system is also software with the help of a computer that starts and performs operations.

Now people ask a question that computer contains both hardware and software. What happens if we remove hardware from the computer?

The answer is that the computer will never work. If we are performing operations with the software it always needs something to display the output. The computer takes input and gives us the output. Without hardware, you cannot be able to give input. If you remove all the things then you always require a touch screen for giving input.

Everything that we can touch is hardware so the concept of using a touch screen means that you are using hardware. Other things like hard drive, processor and many others are the important part of the computer. If you are thinking that they are not then experiment by removing the processor from the computer present in your house.

Let’s discuss it in detail.

Why computer cannot work without Hardware?

Why computer cannot work without Hardware

The computers that were made in the starting phase were only based on hardware and now we have digital computers but digital does mean that they are related to software. Here, digital means that they can perform work better, faster, and clear.

This means that the concept of computer was given on a hardware basis and operating systems are created many years after that. If people are thinking that computers can work without hardware then they are rejecting the main theory on which computers are based.

If I ask you the question that what happens if you remove hardware from the mobile or tablet? You will say that there will be no mobiles in the world because mobile is a small device that we can take with us anywhere we want and they become part of our life.

We spend more time with mobile than our family. Removing hardware means that you cannot take it anywhere anytime and you cannot use it as you want.

After removing hardware only applications will be left and we cannot use them without hardware so mobile phones companies will be shut down and there will be a big loss to many companies and also in the life of the people especially for those people who are always in search of knowledge.

Let’s suppose a person wanted to watch the video on YouTube and the system does not have the hardware. So, the first question is how will the person open YouTube. The second thing is how will he write in the search bar. If you are thinking that the person can also do it by voice command.

For clearing you for using voice command a person always needs hardware to tell the computer what to open. Now, let’s think that somehow the person open YouTube and searched the video. There are many videos open on the list. How he will click on the video that attracts him.

Let’s suppose if he can click the video how will watch it. If you are thinking that he may create a reflection on the wall or on the piece of cloth to watch the video. A projector is always needed for this purpose and the projector is the hardware. This is clear from the opening YouTube video example that performing tasks without hardware on computers is not possible.

The above example was only to explain to you that how will things look without hardware and the reality is the computer will not start without the components present in the CPU.

If you want to download some items then they will not be saved because the memory unit is not present. If there will be no hardware then the programming field will also be affected badly because we do not have such advanced systems to tell the machine what work to perform so we need the help of programming.

If there will be no hardware no input will be given to the computer in the form of programming. When we give a code to the computer then most of the process is carried in CPU. If CPU will not present then we do not need programming and if the programming languages will be not present then we can see some worst effects.

We give input in the form of programs to get the output from software or the hardware. If we do not have the command giving equipment how we will make new software or run the big machines which are also very helpful in industries.

If people are thinking that, maybe in future we will upgrade our technologies and humans can develop the computer without hardware. Firstly, we have to focus on solving the problems of quantum computers then there will be some other technology, and maybe after hundreds of years it can be possible but there is no guarantee.

Can a Computer work without Software?

Working without software have two directions. One there is no software system present on the computer and second if there will be no software downloaded on the computer.

If there will be no software present on the computer then the computer will never work. The operating system is also the software that operates the computer without it tasks cannot be performed. When there is no software to manage things then there will be no files and applications on the computer which do not suit modern devices.

The concept of the software is applied in only digital computers if you take the examples of the devices which were just data calculators and the starting phase of this technology then there is no need for the software.

On the other side if you are talking about working without downloading software then it will work but if there is no concept of software then the computer will be just a calculator which can perform some complex calculations and you have to add that values on hardware components and will receive the value on hardware components also.

Without software, there will be no concept of digital computers. Working without software also means there will be no software development. Having no software will also affect us badly. There will be no applications in mobile and everyone have to shift to the keypad mobile phones which will affect our connections and online presence badly and many businesses will go into loss if there will be no software.

Both software and hardware are important to us. We cannot rely on one and neglect the importance of the other. If one will be removed others will be automatically affected and the world is relying on the computer so the whole world will also be affected. The computer cannot work without hardware and also without software.

I hope you can understand things. If you had any questions related to it then you can comment below.

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