Artificial intelligence use is also increasing in the education industry. Different startups related to AI are growing to give best practices to the student like grammar and spelling correcting tools. There is also much software which can write lines on few instructions.

By looking at that people are saying “artificial intelligence will soon become capable of authoring books“. The people are only predicting it by seeing some good features of the software or tools. But do you know what does it take to become the author of a book? The books are written by masters or doctors of the field. You can also see that there is not one author in writing a book.

Many authors mix their knowledge and make problems, solutions, activities, and interesting facts. Most of the books are written by people who have 10-15 years of experience or more than it. So, can a machine be able to compose all the things reasonably? The book is made by analyzing the difficulty level of the students. Can machines analyze it?

If you are saying that “artificial intelligence will soon become capable of authoring books” then it is not possible because you are using “soon” in it. Instead of it if you will say that “artificial intelligence will be able to write the whole book according to the difficulty level of the students but humans need a lot of time and experiments to achieve that position where a doctor holding Ph.D. degree and AI system will be equal

Let’s discuss all the things in detail.

Why Artificial Intelligence Will Not Become Capable of Authoring Books Soon

If you had tried AI writing tools then you can see that it can write few lines with your instructions but a person is always required to edit the things written by it. Many times we find lines that are not clear to us

You need to read every line of the paragraph written by the AI tool. Why do you do this? because you know that it can make mistakes. After editing the lines many people check the articles or paragraphs in plagiarism checkers and update the lines which match with the content present on the other sites. They do it because these tools do not generate ideas on their own.

They took data from already written content and change the expressing style. This simply means that you have to change many things in very small content then how do you write a complete book with the help of artificial intelligence?

In writing a paragraph the knowledge is already present on the web but in writing the book there will be no similar knowledge present on the web because every book is the upgraded version of the previous and different problems are included in it.

A system cannot be able to develop complex questions. It can only make a simple question by changing the values and changing some signs which are used in calculations. For example, you want to make a book of mathematics for engineering students.

Is there any robot present in the world which have a very high amount of computation power and mathematical knowledge to write the entire book which can create the problem-solving ability in the students.

Even the AI robot Sophia cannot write it. It might be possible to some level that a robot or system can write a basic book for kids who are extreme beginners in learning mathematics. This book can contain problems like 2+2, 2*2, or 2/2.

The reason is that it is possible to train the machine or the system to perform the basic tasks but when you wanted to write the book related to engineering then you have to train the machine for years.

You have the develop the technology and also have to take help of other things also. After spending years it can also happen that while making the question or explaining the term machine can lag at many points. In some cases, it also happens that our books misprint some headings or text which can be important to us.

This misprinting is done by the machine who has to perform only one task where the error rate is very low but there are mistakes present in the book. Now imagine what can happen if this task is given to a machine or the software which is using different technologies but still in the developing phase? There is a chance of error.

This error cannot be in the form of misprinting but it can be in the form of the wrong question, wrong information, wrong grammar, and many other things.

Human Authors first perform many experiments with the help of others and only write when the experiment is successful and also discuss the things which they observe during performing it but today’s AI algorithms cannot provide that type of level in education.

You have also seen the books in which very complex questions are present and at the end answer keys of the questions are also present. Did you think it is an easy task to create questions of complex mathematics with the help of mind and different techniques and then providing their answer key at the end.

A large number of people are required for this. The books which are written for the students present in professional degree programs are not completed in days they take years so AI-based machine or algorithm is not able to write it.

How Much Time Will It Take to Make an AI system which can write Books?

The first thing we have to make is to improve natural language processing technology. Machines are now understanding the human language but not at a good level. You can try it by using the voice assistant given on the mobile phone.

It will not understand all of the voices at once. Sometimes you have to repeat the task multiple times. Sometimes it does not understand what we are saying and give the result from the web another thing is that machines have to completely think like humans to write books.

We have machines and systems but they are not reaching the level of humans. It can take many years to be completed. It may be possible at that time when we will be completing research on artificial general intelligence or maybe humans reach that point earlier.

But the main problem is we can reach the level of intelligence of humans and we want to write the book of engineering or medical then we have to train the machine for many years just like humans pass different phases and have many years of experience and understanding with the field.

I hope you can understand things. If you had any questions related to it then you can comment below.

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