In the modern world, many people only focus on programming languages and programmers. For your information, they just focus on not learn these languages. Most of them consider programmers as very extraordinary people.

They think that the tasks which programmers are performing cannot be done by a simple person. You will also hear many myths in society in which one person will tell another person that he should not go into this field because of its toughness. Many people discuss its scope with toughness also.

But most of them are just myths. Many things that people told us are not correct because there is a lot of difference between an advisor and a professional in the field. So, there is a question that programmers do a lot of hard work and they also spent more time on their work than the average programmers. They also make new applications and blow the minds of the world.

They use other many technologies in it. But are programmers smarter than average people?

The answer is No, they are not. There may be some people present in this field who will be smart. But you cannot compare the smartness of the person with programming. If you are considering programmers the very smart people then you have to also consider the people-related professional field smarter.

Let’s discuss all the things in detail.

Are Programmers Smarter Than Average?

programmers are smart or not

As I discuss above they are not that level of smart people which our society is considering. This is true that they have to solve a lot of problems every day and if they do not upgrade themselves with time then their growth will stop. They have to put in the work daily.

Ok, for a minute let’s consider programmers as the smartest people on the planet. Now answer my one question do people consider engineers smarter than average? or do people consider doctors smarter than average? or do people consider people working on the internet smarter than average?. Yes, they consider all of them smarter than average.

You can see that people talk about engineering course toughness and they also discuss the achievements of the people related to the engineering field. They call engineering a professional degree and also suggest their kids choose the field because in the future it will be in high demand.

They also see that the products or home appliances use by them are released by engineering-related companies. Now come to the doctor profession. People also consider them the smartest people in society. These people solve many problems related to the human body on the daily basis.

Now come to the people who work on the internet. People also consider them smarter because they earning a good amount of money and also giving education to different people. If there are so many smarter people why there are many problems present in the world that are still unsolved?

In engineering, you can see we are facing many issues especially in emerging technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. In medicine, many diseases are still not cured. In online businesses, the saturation problem is also there.

So, every person is smart according to the field. Most people related to the professional field are considered smart. People of society will not call a worker a smart person. But all the discussion does not mean that all the programmers are not smart people.

There are programmers which are working in the field and contributed a lot to their organization. But on the other side, many programmers left the field because it was tough so where is their smartness.

The most important thing in these types of fields like programming, engineering, and medical is problem-solving skills. This problem-solving ability is created in the person during the study of the thing. You can develop this ability in the phase when you are learning things and not entered into practical life.

For example, the life of the college in any field. In engineering, the institution develops this ability by giving you different types of questions in the exam and you have to practice it before sitting in it. In the medical field, a person has to develop this ability to give the cure at the time.

In the programming field, different programs are given randomly to the person so he had to make it. By making different programs the person will develop this ability.

You have to add analytical skills to it. If these skills are not present in the people who are currently in the programming-related course then at the end you probably get the degree and people will also start to ask you smart and intelligent but you cannot make a name in the companies.

This might also happen that they will take you at the lowest salary and you will get a promotion after a long time. If you will leave the company then there is no choice. You cannot build a startup or sit at home for giving freelancing services due to a lack of this skill.

The company will analyze your thinking process and different abilities by giving you some projects. In this way, you are smart in front of people living in society because you are a programmer but not be considered as an intelligent person in the company. The reason is also that everyone is competitive and if you are not able to give them competition then it will be bad for you.

So, if you are a programmer or a beginner then try to develop problem-solving ability first. It will be created when you think about some random task in your mind and try to complete it by making different lines of code.

Let’s close all the upper discussion into the box.

Programmers are not only the people who are smart in the world. If people are considering them more than the average person then remember the person who has the problem-solving ability will be smart. In programming people having this skill are smart and if they do not have the ability they are not smart.

They are not only the people who are considered smart in society. There are also many myths about the people working in this field. If you do not have so high intelligence and want to go into this field then the doors are open you can start it. 

This is not the limitation that you have to only come in this field when you have the problem-solving ability. You can come into the field and improve this skill if you are a self-learner because people who present in colleges are already going through the phase to develop this skill. When they come into this most of the people do have it. They develop it during college timings.

You can also hear the examples of people who were bad in schools but they came in the field of programming and prove to everyone that they are best this is because of that ability. They somehow create that ability in them by practicing again and again.

Does Coding increase IQ?

Yes, making programs can increase your IQ. Anything in which the brain involves more can increase the IQ. You can take the example of Puzzle here. For solving the puzzle you have to think, think and think. This thinking can be considered as the exercise of the brain.

Same in the case of programming, you do not use your physical parts to make a successful running code. You need your brain for solving it. The part which is mostly used during the work becomes strong. For example, when you go to the gym your body parts become strong because you are working with them.

While making programs your brain works which means that your brain becomes strong. In making a simple program you use your brain than just only think about complex programs and also think about when the code goes wrong and you have to make all the things again. So much thinking is required to make it again.

Suppose you want to make the program even and odd in python or any other language. Thinking is a must. It does not matter that it is an easy program or a difficult program. You have to make sure that which formula you will apply and which condition is applied to get it.

I hope you get the answer to all the points. If you had any sort of question-related to this topic then you can comment below.

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