Mechatronics is the field where the knowledge of both software and hardware is applied. But the most important thing in this field is designing integrated systems.

These systems have several applications in the real world.

After completing the course of mechatronics it’s up to you to choose the job in the software category or hardware category.

If you look around you most of the things are based on electronics, computing, and mechanical parts.

The mechatronic field covers all the things under it but people still ask for the demand of mechatronics engineers.

Most of the people are not considering it a good field to start because of its less popularity compared to other fields of engineering and mixture of many fields in it and they decide to enroll themselves in different courses separately (electrical, mechanical)

So, lets discuss it in detail. 

Are Mechatronics Engineers In Demand?

Mechatronic Engineers demand

The crystal clear answer is YES, they are in demand.

Mechatronics engineers work in autonomous vehicles manufacturing companies, building designs of machines or different structures, making complex circuits, machinery based on automation and they also design the parts of the vehicles.

Many companies only hire mechatronics engineers than others because they have more knowledge of all the fields that are required in industries than any other person.

In some cases, they are also preferred over mechanical engineers.

If you do not want to go far then look in your house. If you have installed the security system then it is a big example of a mechatronic system.

This system can be connected to the digital virtual assistant and you can control all the things with your mobile phone. In some cases, these systems can decide by themselves when there is danger.

You can see that most of the owners of houses are installing these systems and making themselves secure. Not only in houses these systems are also being installed in offices.

This is only one application that is rapidly growing and people are seeing.

There are many other applications that people do not know that either these are connected to the mechatronics system or not?. But the reality is that they have a relation with this field.

You can see the self-driving cars. These cars are also applications of this type of engineering and these cars companies are covering a market of trillions of dollars.

Robotics and automation also come under mechatronics because both fields work on electrical and mechanical interactions. The knowledge of this engineering is applied in space crafts.

If you go into mechatronics the career opportunities are not limited. You can also make the career of a software engineer with it. But it will be difficult for you at the start.

Many people are doing jobs in tech companies and going forward in software development.

The main reason is that in this course you learn to program different machines or to make different applications to control the machine or whole structure just like a virtual personal assistant.

So, you can become a software developer too. But you need to reskill yourself for this.

A mechatronic engineer can make about $99,040 per year based on the skill. If you have experience then you can earn more. 

If you are working as a software engineer in a big company like Facebook, Google or Apple then you can earn up to $100,000. The fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics also offer more than $100,000 salary per year. 

This shows that this field is in demand and growing because new systems are being discovered. Now humans are trying to make partial self-driving cars to fully self-driving cars.

Now humans wanted to increase the performance of spaceships that can last for many years without any technical fault in it.

Now humans wanted to increase the accuracy of home security systems. Now humans wanted to increase the efficiency and accuracy of systems used in airplanes. Humans wanted many more things like these.

So, if humans wanted all these things then they will need more mechatronics engineers. When the demand for specific field increases then it means that the career is very secure.

One of the major reasons that mechatronics systems are used in every sector is that they make the work easier and cheaper.

For example, if the mechatronics system will not be used in spaceships then scientists and engineers needed other things to make the technology efficient.

Everything will be installed for a separate purpose because there will be no interaction between electrical and mechanical components.

It will surely cost more because of developing and installing the systems.

As in self-driving cars, the cars will not work if the components installed are not connected. You can say that in these vehicles all the things work-friendly. Without these systems, it is difficult for the car to work properly.

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