There are people present in the world who always find some way to use the new technology for their use. Just like when the internet come people were using it for sharing things and making networks. These people saw the opportunity and started marketing on it and now it is trending.

Same in the case of social media, when these applications were released then people take it as fun and share the things which do not suit their personality but some smart people also start giving their services on these platforms.

The famous social media platforms are more than 10 years old and now other people knowing its importance and some people are thinking that they make a big mistake because they do not use social media for there actual use.

But these things are only for those who see the opportunity and take instant action. Today consumption of social media is increasing in our youth. Most of them are using it just for entertaining purposes but they do not know if they follow the right path now then the future will be very bright form those who are wasting time watching videos, memes, and much other stuff.

So, the advice for youth is time is very important and it is the base. If you start wasting time on social media then it will become your part of life and in the coming days, you will also remain the same. Join profitable groups, do not trust any spam-related content, emerge as the creator, emerge as the digital marketer, share something valuable on your accounts, do not become the part of politics, do not become the part of spreading fake news, and also do not trust these news trending on these platforms. 

Let’s discuss all the things in detail.

Advice on the Use of Social Media for the Benefit of the Youth


The first thing was to stop wasting time on this platform. This is common that we open these applications for 5 minutes and use them for 30 minutes because things are interestingly shown to us and you find them exciting.

But if you spend some time with a business-related person he will open these applications and remain there for more than 30 minutes so you will analyze that he is not performing a task like you. He will analyze the user’s intent, the engagement of the posts, sales, and many more.

I just want to tell you that the specific person logged in just like you but he was there for learning purposes. He was finding something new and what the users are looking for. All the time is tracked as learning in which he gains something and your 30 minutes are wasted in which nothing is gained and no work in the future.

After some years people will say that it was their mistake not to learning things at that time. Those people try to learn maximum things because they know that the day is very short and they have to do other things also and if someone is just scrolling then the day is enough for him in wasting it.

You get no benefit in jumping from post to post. You just laugh and save it or maybe send it to others. Nothing else. I am not saying that if you are visiting social media platforms for entertainment it is completely bad. You can get entertainment and it can reduce your stress if you are working in an office. But access is bad and also going for the task and not completing it at a time by going to other posts is bad.

The second thing was that join profitable groups. This does not mean that you have to join those groups in which you have to pay something. It means that you have to join those groups which are sharing value and the admin of the group is the professional of some skill.

You can contact the admin or the people sharing instructions on something to take the skill you want to learn to the next level. They will not educate you from A-Z. They will suggest to you the sources through which you can learn things.

In case of any query, you can approach them. The next thing is not to trust the content which is spreading spam. You have seen the posts in which a person will tell you that “I know a very easy method to earn money online It will pay weekly” It will attract you and you will send a message to the person. He will demand you the money and after paying the money you will be blocked.

So, remember one thing there is nothing in the world which will give you free money. If someone will tell you to give instant money then there is something wrong with it. So, the youth have to stay away from it because it will take away all your saving through which you can buy books or courses which will be helpful in the long run.

In the end, you will be disappointed.

You can emerge as the creator of the digital marketer on social media. You can create informational posts that people are looking for or those types of posts that add value to the life of people. It can be also form of the videos and text. Creating always makes you learn more and think on the upper level than the people are thinking.

Because they are the consumers and your the provider so you have to analyze and keep track of everything they are loving. If youth will focus on creating then believe me in the future they will be of great benefit. Creating is the Art!

Always share those things on your accounts in which you are interested. Because sharing relevant information will help you to stick with the goal of life and also when you visit your feed daily it will motivate us. If you start sharing these things now then after some years when you will be successful and visit the feed again it will real fun and a very good feeling will come to mind that you have to change your life in few years.

So, it is an important message to the youth if you are interested in drawing then share drawing-related stuff and also upload the masterpieces made by you. If you are interested in writing then start writing a text on your feed. It will improve your presenting skills.

One more important piece of advice for the youth is that never become part of politics. You will waste much of the time listening that what a specific person is saying and what the other person is saying. If you are interested in journalism then go for it otherwise leave it.

At the end give a vote to the person which is perfect in your mind. That’s it. This mostly happens that you are going for a specific task and you see the news on social media after that you leave the task and start investigating that.

In the end, what will you get? You do not have an interest in journalism and also leave the task. Just to see that what a specific person is doing you leave the important task of life. If you leave it one time then you will leave the task multiple times which cannot help you to succeed in life.

One more important piece of advice for youth is that not to depend on the news shared on social media for the first few hours because social media is the place where fake news spread like fire. There is also good news but fake also exists.

Sometimes people trust the fake news and started to blame the person which is not part of the game and in the end, you will realize that the person was right and you troll him on your accounts which is a bad thing. After that, you have to delete the things you posted about specific people.

This was the advice through which youth can have benefits through social media platforms.

Is it Good to make Social Media Accounts for Kids?

No, it is not good to make and give access to very small age kids. This is because at growing age they should play physical games, interact with other kids, go to school and also only focus on their studies. If the parents will give them a mobile phone and ask them to use social media then at very little age nobody can analyze which thing is good and which thing is bad.

There are also privacy issues. If you are sharing your personal life on social media then the company also uses machine learning algorithms so that your all activity can be traced and after some years these people will know your interest and sell you the products or services because they know what did you like. Other than that there are many other issues.

At a very little age, people can easily scam you and you can do nothing in return. They can easily trap the child and also ask for the money.

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