The new businesses in the world are shifted towards AI technology and the coming businesses are already on this technology. The reason is that the world is upgrading and with it, businesses should also be upgraded. 

If you have a business and you do not update it with the trending technologies you will fail in running it because the companies like you start updating their products. 

So, if you are a student or an artificial intelligence specialist and you wanted to earn money or to start a new kind of startup but you are not getting any idea.  

I will give you a list of start-up ideas based on AI that you can start with. The first and the most famous rule is that if you starting a startup first analyze the market and check what problem people are facing. 

Then launch your product that can make people’s lives easier. It can increase the chances of your success. Your startup will be famous in a short time. 

List of Artificial Intelligence Startups

List of Artificial Intelligence Startups ​

Online Tools

You can make an online tool based on AI that can help people. The whole world is shifting online and it can open multiple opportunities for your startup. 

You can provide any services online based on AI. Let me take an example of some of these tools that are already providing services based on AI technology. 

The first example is Grammarly. Grammarly is the tool used by many writers to correct their grammar, spelling mistakes, and punctuation. 

It uses AI, machine learning to detect the text and to give the right suggestion to the user. 

Another example on the internet is the tool. This tool is used to create automated content. You have to just give the software instructions about writing. 

The software will write all the articles using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision technology

Creating Agriculture Machines & Applications

As the World population is increasing the need for agriculture is also increasing. But with the help of artificial intelligence, you can do something innovative. 

You can take the example of the Plantix application which is widely used today. This application works with artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision technology to detect disease in the crop. 

All you have to do is to open the application and take the plant in front of the camera. This application will analyze the plant and after checking in databases it will suggest the right information about it. 

There are also many machines are made that first analyze the whole field by using computer vision and deep learning algorithms and when it analyzes the problem it will go and spray there so that crop will grow better. 

You can make this type of machine or applications that can be helpful in the agriculture field. 

Business & Trading

Business & Trading ​Applications based on artificial intelligence

You can make business & trading applications. You can make applications for businesses that will analyze the current growth of the business and predict its future. 

This application can also give suggestions to make the business better. This can be done with the help of artificial intelligence that you can predict the future by knowing the current statistics

AI can be used in making trading applications. You know that people are investing a lot of money in trading for earning more money. But people also have a great loss

For this purpose different applications and bots are made which predict the future market based on the previous results and in this way you can make a good amount of money.  

When people saw the profit in trades they will use your application more and these applications are also recommended by many people. 

Smart Devices

Smart AI devices

You can make smart devices for homesindustries, and offices. They are in high demand right now. Because humans are upgrading their standard from simple homes to smart homes

Many countries have started making smart cities. In these smart cities, these kinds of devices will be used. These devices should contain AI, ML, and DL algorithms

These devices can make our life easier. For example, if you have installed a smart light installed in the room you have to just order it to change the color it will change into any color you want. 

Most of these devices have millions of colors. 

Healthcare Applications

You already know that AI is being used in healthcare. The AI algorithms help find new drugs that can cure diseases. AI is also being used in finding the disease in the person’s body. 

You can make a different application based on AI that can be helpful to the patient. There are many types of applications that exist. These applications give suggestions of different cures to the people. 

Making Machines For Industries

You can make specific machines for industries that can contain artificial intelligence algorithms. One of the famous examples is the robotic arm. 

Robotic arm mostly works for shifting objects from one place to another. These commands are already given to it and it performs operations with the help of it. 

You can make these kinds of machines that can be used in industries. 

Marketing Platforms

You can make platforms that can be helpful to the marketer for making strategies in digital marketing. The platform can help people in targeting their audience. 

As the number of people on the internet is increasing it is becoming difficult for the marketer to find the people that can purchase their services. An AI-based marketing platform can be very helpful to people. Just like Facebook application when we wanted to run the ads they are first shown to some people. 

When we pay some money it, then it is suggested to more people of the same category. Facebook also uses AI to increase the reach of the targeted audience. Many other social media applications like LinkedIn and Twitter also uses the same strategy. 

Virtual Personal Assistant

Virtual Personal Assistant ​

You can start the business of virtual personal assistants. You can make a device that uses artificial intelligence algorithms for managing housework or for giving you suggestions. 

These virtual assistant understands human language by the help of natural language processing and then respond to them. 

You can take examples of GoogleMicrosoft, and Amazon virtual personal assistants. You can start making virtual assistants. 

Creating Entertainment Platform

You can create the platform like YouTubeNetflix, and many others. On these platforms, videos are made by creators and recommended to us by artificial intelligence & machine learning. 

These platforms can track our interest by examining the style of our search and opening the videos. 

If you have any questions related to this topic you can comment below. 

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